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Things We Like in Toyota Fortuner

Spacious: The Fortuner has great space. The expansive exterior is retained in the cabin. It can comfortably carry 7 passengers without compromising comfort

Features rich: The multifunction steering wheel, touchscreen unit with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, optional navigation, make the Toyota Fortuner is a feature-rich car

Off-road capability: The Fortuner comes with active traction control which makes the vehicle a great off-road vehicle. The 2.8-liter engine is perfectly tuned for off-road paths 

Great visibility: The high driving position and the wide windscreen ensures superb visibility for the driver. The rear-view cameras lend an all-round view

Things We Don't Like in Toyota Fortuner

Ride quality: The Fortuner is a ladder-on-frame SUV. This leads to some body roll which can be felt inside the cabin.

Maneuverability:  The Fortuner is a big car and has a pretty big turning radius. This means it requires some effort to turn corners.

Interior: Toyota hasn’t changed the Fortuner’s cabin for years. The interior is now beginning to look dated. The infotainment units aren’t user friendly

Lack of features: At its current price point, the Fortuner lacks features like a sunroof and electrically folding seats.

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