Nissan Ariya, X-Trail e-Power score 5-star ratings from Euro NCAP

nissan ariya euro ncap

Nissan announced that the Ariya electric vehicle (EV) and X-Trail e-Power both received five-star ratings from the European New Car Assessment Program (NCAP).


  • What are the two other nameplates from Nissan that have received a five-star rating from Euro NCAP?

    The two other nameplates from Nissan that have received a five-star rating from Euro NCAP are the Qashqai e-Power and the Juke Hybrid.
  • What score did the Nissan Ariya and the Nissan X-Trail get in the Safety Assist category?

    The Nissan Ariya and the Nissan X-Trail got a 93 percent score and a 95 percent score in the Safety Assist category, respectively.
  • The all-electric crossover and the electrically-assisted pickup truck join the Nissan Qashqai e-Power and the Nissan Juke Hybrid as the company’s models that have achieved impressive results in the safety exam.

    In the Adult Occupant safety tests, both the Nissan Ariya and the Nissan X-Trail achieved good scores. The former got 86 percent while the latter received 88 percent. According to Nissan, the addition of a central airbag on both vehicles to prevent the collision of heads between the driver and front seat passenger in the event of a side impact contributed to their excellent lateral impact scores of 14.9 for the Ariya and 16 for the new X-Trail.

    As for the Child Occupant evaluations, the Nissan Ariya garnered a score of 89 percent while the Nissan X-Trail received a 90 percent score.

    In the crash-test assessment for child occupants based on six and 10-year-old children, the X-Trail scored 23.3 points out of a possible 24, reflecting the outstanding protection it offers young occupants. The Ariya also achieved an outstanding score, with 22.9 out of 24. Both vehicles also achieved a maximum 12 points for the installation of Child Restraint Systems (CRS).

    For the Vulnerable Road Users examinations, the Nissan Ariya got an overall score of 74 percent while the Nissan X-Trail was awarded 70 percent.

    Both vehicles, Nissan said, feature several active safety aids, including Intelligent Emergency Braking, which warns the driver and applies the brakes if the car anticipates an impact with a vehicle, pedestrian, or cyclist. Equally, Moving Object Detection alerts the driver to a possibly unseen object in proximity to the vehicle.

    Lastly, the Nissan Ariya got a 93 percent score in the Safety Assist category. Similarly, the Nissan X-Trail got an impressive 95 percent score on the assessment.

    nissan x-trail euro ncap

    “The outstanding performances of both the new X-Trail and the Ariya, which are very different vehicles, built on different platforms, demonstrate the cross-car strategy Nissan has for its models. The development of all our vehicles starts with outstanding body engineering, through the use of advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure excellent structural integrity. This is complemented by an advanced suite of technologies that act as a second pair of eyes, identifying potential dangers and helping the driver to avoid an accident,” commented Nissan AMIEO Region (Africa, Middle East, India, Europe, and Oceania) Research and Development Senior Vice President David Moss.

    “This comprehensive testing and rating program from Euro NCAP really allows consumers to understand our dedication to safety and how seriously we take our customers’ welfare,” he added.

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