Nissan CMF-EV platform to be used by 15 EV models by 2030


In a recent press release, Nissan took a closer look at its latest EV architecture, the CMF-EV platform. CMF-EV will play an important role in the Japanese automaker’s electrification strategy as it claims that the EV platform will underpin the brand’s future electric models. By shedding light on the platform, Nissan looks to highlight the benefits of the new EV architecture and give its customers a glimpse of what to expect in the future.


  • What Nissan model will debut the CMF-EV platform?

    The Nissan Ariya features the debut of the CMF-EV platform.
  • How many EV models will potentially use the CMF-EV platform?

    According to Nissan, 15 EVs will be using the CMF-EV platform by 2030.
  • “The CMF-EV platform is a marvel of creative engineering; from providing exceptional living-room-style space — longer cabin length to vehicle length — to accommodating our state-of-the-art e-4ORCE drivetrain technology, its versatility gives us the ability to push the boundaries of engineering and design capabilities,” said Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. Product Planning VP Pierre Loing.

    Nissan said that the CMF-EV platform will be a lounge for the road, hence, it gained an internal nickname “magic flying carpet.” Engineers of the Yokohama-based automotive brand gave the CMF-EV a flat construction bed. Placeholders for the electric motors, said Nissan, were plotted directly adjacent to the front and rear axles while the battery packs were designed to be as slim as possible to form a structural support system for the platform.


    As a result, the CMF-EV platform provided designers of the Ariya — the all-electric coupé-crossover that will see the CMF-EV platform’s debut — with a blank canvas, giving them the opportunity to explore the concept Ma, a Nissan design philosophy focused on mastering the potential of empty space.

    Engineers took advantage of the absence of a transmission tunnel and pushed the air-conditioning unit further forward. This gives the cabin a profound sense of roominess with plenty of head and legroom, allowing Nissan to provide its customers a lounge-like experience.

    In addition, the CMF-EV platform offers further personalization options to Nissan’s customers as the platform can accommodate multiple specifications of power units and drivetrains, which Nissan said includes a single-motor offering and dual-motor e-4orce configuration. by

    According to Nissan, the CMF-EV platform will form the basis for 15 electric models by 2030.

    “Nissan has entered a thrilling new chapter in its electrification story with Ariya. This landmark vehicle offered a unique opportunity for our global teams to showcase everything we’ve learned about electric mobility from the past decade and challenge expectations. It’s this ethos that the CMF-EV platform represents,” said Nissan Technical Centre Europe Regional Research & Development Senior Vice President David Moss.


    The Nissan Ariya, the first vehicle to feature the CMF-EV will be available in Europe in summer (from June to September).

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