Nissan to build future vehicles with green steel

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Nissan announced that it will use green steel in building future vehicles starting January 2023.


  • When will Nissan begin building vehicles using green steel?

    According to Nissan, the company will begin using green steel for its vehicles starting January 2023.
  • Which company will supply Nissan with green steel?

    Per Nissan, Kobe Steel will supply the carmaker with green steel.
  • Per the Yokohama-based carmaker, it will source low carbon dioxide (CO2) steel from Kobe Steel, a major Japanese steel manufacturer headquartered in Chūō-Ku, Kobe. The material — dubbed Kobenable Steel — is produced using significantly less CO2 emissions.

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    The material Kobe Steel will supply Nissan is electrolytically smelted using only electricity generated by solar power, thereby reducing CO2 emissions during aluminum ingot production by approximately 50 percent.

    Nissan added that it will be the first time Kobenable Steel will be used in mass-produced vehicles.

    In addition to Kobenable Steel, the metal manufacturer will provide Nissan with green-aluminum sheets.

    Nissan explained that the company aims to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the entire product life cycle by 2050. Since approximately 60 percent of a vehicle's weight is made up of steel parts and around 10 percent of its weight is made up of aluminum parts, the use of green steel and green aluminum is a very effective way to reduce CO2 emissions during parts manufacturing, which is part of the vehicle's life cycle.

    The specific amount of steel to be used by Nissan will be determined through further discussions.

    On that note, Nissan joins the growing number of companies incorporating green steel into vehicle manufacturing. These companies include Ford as well as automotive conglomerates like the BMW Group.

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