WATCH: Owners share testimonials on Nissan vehicles that run on e-Power


Nissan introduced its e-Power technology in Japan back in 2016. It was first featured in the JDM Nissan Note which promised the same 100 percent electric motor technology that the Japanese carmaker developed and used in the Nissan Leaf.


Many customers have since then favored e-Power-equipped Nissans for their quietness, smooth acceleration, and convenience.

Check out a video of customer testimonials here.

To date, Nissan’s e-Power fitted offerings include the aforementioned Note, the Serena, the Kicks SUV, the Qashqai, and most recently, the Sylphy which was released on September 29, at the 2021 China (Tianjin) International Automobile Exhibition.


Nissan’s e-Power technology utilizes an onboard engine to power the battery pack for an effortless, fuel-efficient, and quiet EV-like driving experience.

Over 500,000 units outfitted with e-Power have already been sold in Japan making it a popular choice for customers looking for a cleaner and more sustainable means of mobility in that market.

“I’m someone who likes driving,” says Nissan e-Power Chief Powertrain Engineer, Naoki Nakada.

He further explains, “with e-Power, I wanted to enhance the driving experience making it as fun as possible for as many people as possible.”

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