Renovated Mazda Museum to open in May


A renovated Mazda Museum will open its doors to the public on May 23, showcasing the brand’s historic vehicles alongside exhibits of the company’s history since its foundation more than a century ago.


  • Where is the Mazda Museum located?

    It is located in Hiroshima.
  • How many zones does the museum have?

    The museum has a total of 10 distinct zones.
  • Will there be a virtual version of the museum?

    Yes, there will be, as well as an immersive digital experience for young Mazda fans.
  • The museum, located in Mazda’s Hiroshima headquarters, features an entrance hall where visitors can relax and grow closer to the brand while enjoying the sight of the latest Mazda models on display.


    Mazda’s museum now features a spatial design with a monotone color scheme coupled with warm lighting and wood surfaces adopting the brand’s latest design concept. The new exterior and interior theme of the museum are said to give visitors an elegant yet cozy space.

    A total of 10 exhibit zones, with decor and lighting that match each zone’s theme, will be available for visitors. Here’s what visitors can expect in each exhibit hall:

    • Zone 1: 1920 – 1959: Origin of Monotsukuri (car-making) spirit
    • Zone 2, 3: 1960: Paving the way to becoming a diversified vehicle manufacturer
    • Zone 4: Motorsports: A global challenge for Mazda
    • Zone 5, 6, and 7: 1960: Paving the way to becoming a diversified vehicle manufacturer
    • Zone 8: Technology: Mazda’s human-centric Monotsukuri
    • Zone 9: Vehicle assembly line tour
    • Zone 10: Mazda’s vision for the next 100 years

    That said, the entire museum is designed to provide visitors with a narrative experience of Mazda’s vision for the next century and the thoughts that have gone into all the vehicles that Mazda has introduced to the world over the past 100 years.


    The company will continue to offer its ever-popular factory tours, during which visitors can observe real vehicle assembly lines in operation.


    Folks who won’t be able to drop by the physical museum — like us who are living overseas — can still check it out via the company’s online version of the Mazda Museum. Available on Mazda’s official website, the online museum provides guided virtual tours with detailed explanations for each zone and immersive drone footage from inside the exhibition.

    Young fans, through the Mazda Kids Channel, can also enjoy easy-to-understand explanations about the automotive industry and Mazda’s car-making.

    At the moment, both the online Mazda Museum and the Kids Channel will only be available in Japanese. However, an English version is said to be made available at a later date.

    Photos from Mazda

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