Rolls Royce develops state-of-the-art air purification technology

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As if Rolls Royce vehicles weren't pristine enough, engineers at the UK-based company sought to further elevate the already exceptional air quality of their vehicles to unprecedented levels of purity.

By using the latest sensor and Nanofleece filtration technology, Rolls Royce Motor Cars has managed to create the cleanest micro environment available in any vehicle. 

Rolls Royce

In a press release, Rolls Royce stated:  "The importance of protecting clients from harmful carbon and pollen particles, as well as viruses and bacterial contaminants, has been of the utmost importance to the marque and, since 2015, all Rolls-Royce motor cars have benefited from state-of-the-art air filtration equipment. For the new Ghost, which debuts in autumn 2020, this technology has been further developed to incorporate a full suite of hardware and software improvements, collectively known as the Micro Environment Purification System."

Rolls Royce cars now have a highly sensitive Impurity Detection Sensors placed in the vehicle to detect and monitor ambient air quality. These sensors automatically switch the fresh air intakes to Recirculation Mode if unacceptable levels of airborne contaminants are present in the cabin.

This, in turn, channels all the air in the interior through a Nanofleece filter, which is capable of removing nearly all ultra-fine particles, viruses and bacteria from the Rolls-Royce’s micro environment. All of the magic happens in less than two minutes. 

Rolls Royce

Beginning with the release of the Rolls Royce Ghost later this year, all models from the marque's lineup are expected to feature the Micro Environment Purification System. The Ghost is available in the Philippines starting at Php 18.73 million, and it comes equipped with a V12 engine that makes 563 hp and 780 Nm of torque. 

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