Space oddity: Mini presents 'lounge-like' Vision Urbanaut


The Mini Vision Urbanaut is a concept car with a spacious cabin, in which occupants can lounge in, and one that has to be "experienced" in order to understand its purpose. 

 "At Mini design we believe that the best way to understand the overall concept behind the Mini Vision Urbanaut is to experience it,"  Mini Design Head Oliver Heilmer said. 

"The feeling of space and the innovative materials are just asking to be explored. We have planned and built every aspect of the model, which allows people to experience all of the facets of the our Design Studio in Munich,“ Heilmer added.  

The interior maximizes space within the car's 4.46-meter exterior length. As the doors open upward, the tables fold away and other elements change to accommodate virtually all activities, even at standstill


The interior uses recycled materials such as wool, polyester, and tencel. The steering wheel and sections of the floor are said to use renewable cork, for a tactile and natural feel.

As the Mini Vision Urbanaut's interior changes to accommodate the driver and passengers’ needs, Mini has come up with "three special moments" to highlight those changes.

The "Chill" moment invites the passengers to pause, as the rear seat bench (Cosy Corner in Mini-speak) folds for various seating and lying positions, and the backlit Loop above it takes on an appearance inspired by a green forest canopy.

In the middle of the cabin, a table lamp will appear, eliminating displays or switches that might remind the occupants of their automotive surroundings, Mini said. 


"Wanderlust" is the only moment in which the Vision Urbanaut is being driven or driving with automated driving functions. In this moment, the interior becomes the ideal place for driving the car, or being driven in.

When the occupant wants to drive the Vision Urbanaut themselves, a tap of a finger on the Mini logo brings out the steering wheel and pedals.


The user interface on the central circular instrument also changes: alongside an animation of the route, additional journey information, such as visitor attractions and arrival time, is displayed here for those on board.


The "Vibe" moment allows for time other people in every way. Opening the side door and folding up the windscreen creates a welcoming scene that blurs the "boundaries between the outside and inside."

The central circular instrument becomes a media control center. An animation of graphic equalizers moving with the music is projected onto surfaces of the front, rear, wheels, and above the rear seat bench to create a club atmosphere.


The Vision Urbanaut's fourth option, “My Moment,” allows users to configure what kind of moment he or she desires.

Photos from BMW Group

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