Subaru unveils Solterra BEV ahead of Nov. 17 world debut


Subaru has unveiled its first-ever battery electric vehicle (BEV) ahead of its world debut that’s set to take place on November 17 at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show.


  • Will the Solterra be available in 4WD?

    Yes, Subaru confirmed that the Solterra BEV will come in FWD and 4WD models.
  • Where will Subaru release the Solterra?

    According to Subaru, it will be released in various regions such as Japan, the United States, Canada, Europe, and China.
  • What's the battery spec of the Solterra BEV?

    It will have a lithium-ion battery with 355 volts and a total power of 71.4 kWh.
  • According to the Japanese carmaker, the Solterra is aimed to exceed  customer expectations for BEVs and make it a practical vehicle so that customers can choose it comfortably and confidently, as the vehicle will be the cornerstone of Subaru’s future BEVs.

    On that note, Subaru designed and engineered the Solterra to make it a vehicle that existing Subaru customers can feel that it truly is a Subaru.

    Outside, the unveiled Subaru Solterra features a seamlessly shaped hexagon grille. Its side profile is an extension of its hexagon-shaped front end with the horizontal axis and its dynamic fenders bulging out from the inside.

    The cabin, on the other hand, features a low instrument panel and top-mounted meters.


    Subaru says that the Solterra BEV will use high-capacity battery packs under the floor and utilize the battery as part of the structure to give the BEV a low center of gravity and high body strength and rigidity.

    The battery packs will deliver a total of 355 volts with a total power of 71.4 kWh and will be paired with two AC synchronous electric motors.

    Supporting the BEV’s platform are strut-type coil spring suspensions at the front with a double-wishbone coil spring setup at the rear. The suspension system will work in conjunction with ventilated disc brakes front and back.

    Wheel sizes will include a set of 18- and 20-inch wheels.

    In terms of safety, Subaru said that the Solterra BEV uses a specially-designed body with optimized material strength. This should help the Solterra achieve weight reduction and superior collision safety at the same time.

    Moreover, Subaru says that in the event of a collision, the structure that transfers the load to multiple body skeletons efficiently absorbs the collision energy. As a result, it protects not only the vehicle’s occupants but also protects the high-voltage equipment in the BEV.

    Further details are expected to be revealed after its global debut although Subaru already confirmed that the Solterra will be offered in two models: a front-wheel-drive and a four-wheel-drive. Its release date will be in the middle of 2022 in the markets including Japan, the United States, Canada, Europe, and China.

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