The Ford Mindfulness Concept Car's cabin raises driver wellbeing


Ford Europe has developed its Mindfulness Concept Car, which is packed with technologies and features that could improve the wellbeing of the driver and occupants. 

Ford said that according to experts, when the driver's wellbeing is at its peak, road awareness is increased, and the likelihood of them being distracted behind the wheel is reduced. Drivers also gain empathy for other road users. 

So to put occupants in a state of mindfullness, the Mindfulness Concept Car, based on Ford's European Kuga SUV, carries the following hygienic features in its cabin:

  • The car's Unlock Purge is activated by the keyfob or an app. When activated, it provides a burst of clean and fresh cabin air via the climate control, all before the driver gets into the vehicle.
  • The Premium filter prevents almost all dust, odors, smog, allergens, and bacteria-sized particles, from entering the cabin.


  • The UV-C light diodes on the center console stop the reproduction of viruses and germs on smartphones, screens, and surfaces placed on the console. 

To put the occupants in a calmer mood, the Mindfulness Concept will use the following gadgets:

  • Ambient lighting sets specific moods in the cabin through color, such as a bright morning feeling, a calming blue sky, and a starlit night. It works in tandem with the climate control system. 
  • Driver seat with four actuators can stimulate and provide feedback on breathing and heartrate, with this information shown on the in-car screen
  • Wearables monitor the driver’s heartrate and other physiological measures, and can synchronize the passengers' heartbeat with the seat actuators and ambient light.
  • Special interior trim uses sustainable materials and wear natural colors. 


Meanwhile, the Bang & Olufsen audio plays preset mood music through the car's speakers, some of which are integrated into the seat headrests. The B&O audio can also tailor playlists based on situations and locations, such as seaside sounds for driving at the coast, or calming music when in a traffic jam. 

Adaptive Climate Control provides calming cool air and stimulates deep breathing, after the driver assist tech has helped drivers avoid an incident, or after emergency braking. Aside from ACC, the Mindfulness Concept has other features that can the mind at ease:

  • Powernap function for breaks during long drives, with a lay-flat seat, neck support and auditory beats that help drivers nod off and wake up refreshed afterwards
  • Specific guides for yoga with light physical exercise and short meditation sessions, when parked or stopped. Game-playing effects direct the driver’s focus to the traffic.

2021_FORD_MINDFULNESS_CAR-4Ford believes that taking a mindful approach to in-vehicle technology could influence the design of future electrified and autonomous vehicles. The Mindfulness Concept Car is on display at the IAA Mobility in Germany until September 12.

Photos from Ford Europe

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