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The Number of Cars Used in the Fast and Furious 8 is INSANE

Will the Fast and Furious movie ever slow down? Apparently not in its latest film, the Fate of the Furious. This mega-giant franchise knows how to lure people to buy their tickets, and it’s not always because of their intelligent and sensible plots (what plot?) and Oscar-worthy performances (is Vin Diesel EVER capable of contorting his face besides a scowl and a smirk?).

Really, it’s all about the cars. And their utter, pitiless destruction that make us cringe from time to time.

This gargantuan franchise keeps outdoing itself when it comes to those dazzling, gravity-defying car stunts in the movie — and it’s just as intense in the Fate of the Furious as it was in the previous ones.

In an interview by Mighty Car Mods, Michael McCarthy of California’s Vehicle Effect (the company responsible for making some of the cars in the Fast and the Furious 8), said they built around 300 cars for a 5-6 month period — and that doesn’t include those other vehicles that were made and finished in other countries as well.

He also added that the New York sequence alone used up around 200-300 cars during filming, which is way, over-the-top insane. Obviously, they didn’t scrimp on the budget to get all those vehicles rolling.

Here are some of the cars they used in the film:

Subaru BRZ

Four Subaru BRZs were actually used in the film, and 75% of them survived the filming. McCarthy considers it impressive, since only 25% of the cars they use remain in one piece after filming.

Blue Subaru BRZ

1966 (restructured and modified) Chevrolet Corvette

The 4-hp Corvette was used by Michelle Rodriguez’s character, Letty, in a car scene in New York.

1966 (restructured and modified) Chevrolet Corvette

1951 Chevrolet Fleetline

The extremely dilapidated Chevrolet Fleetline was used by Dominic Toretto at a car race in Cuba.

1951 Chevrolet Fleetline

1960 Dodge Charger

This 1960’s Dodge Charger was used in Iceland for an ice-driving scene in the movie. Its 18-inch wide tire is made for sideways drifting, boasting of 41 degrees of steering angle and CV axles. It also has a “wickedly fast steering ratio” according to McCarthy, and can go lock-to-lock in less than a turn.

1960 Silver Dodge Charger

These are just some of the more interesting cars used in the Furious 8. Other cool vehicles used in the movie include the Ice Ram, Rally Fighter, Orange Lamborghini, and Ripsaw.

Ice Ram


Rally Fighter





Ever wondered how much it cost to ruin all those spectacular cars in the entire franchise? Oh, just around half a billion dollars according to Insure the Gap — or $523,222,275 to be exact.

That’s more than enough to buy 98% of the Hawaiian islands of Lanai, the way ex-CEO Larry Ellison of Oracle Corporation did in 2012.

And the costliest car they ruined into smithereens? A Lykan Hypersport that Dominic Toretto ruined in the jaw-dropping Abu Dhabi skyscraper chase (Fast and Furious 7). Yes, we almost heard our jaws crack wide open on this one. And its price tag? Oh, just around $3,430,400. 

Walker and Diesel in a scene checking out the Lykan Hypersport
Lykan Hypersport jumping from a building

Really cheap, isn’t it?

The Fate of the Furious opens on April 15.

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