This Zamboanga firefighter has been using Bajaj RE for more than 5 years

bajaj firefighter

A firefighter in Zamboanga revealed that he has been using the Bajaj RE for more than five years.


  • What powers the Bajaj RE?

    The Bajaj RE is powered by a 198.88 cubic centimeter engine.
  • What is the average fuel consumption of the Bajaj RE?

    Per Bajaj, the average fuel economy of the RE three-wheeler is 28 to 30 kilometers per liter.
  • FO3 Clifjohn Quidet appreciates the compact sizing of the Bajaj RE and uses it to his advantage allowing him to “respond to the scene quickly and immediately.”

    Additionally, the fuel injection system of the Bajaj RE also saves Quidet money as it clocks in only at around 28 to 30 kilometers per liter.

    Further, Bajaj said that the 198.88 cubic centimeter engine of Quidet’s Bajaj RE still works like new even after being in service for almost six years.

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    The Bajaj RE, like other three-wheelers from the brand is available on all Bajaj dealers nationwide. Their availability is made even better thanks to Bajaj’s new partnership with Motortrade.

    On that note, Bajaj three-wheelers can now be had in more than 1,800 locations in the country. Plus servicing these vehicles is even made more convenient as the said collaboration boosts the available service centers to more than 1,400 facilities.

    Photos from Bajaj and Juan Paulo Papa

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