Bajaj PH says RE 3-wheeler 'ideal ride' for tour guides

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While the Bajaj RE is often seen as the perfect small business partner — and sometimes a long-time companion even for firefighters — it can also take on the role of being an ideal ride for tour guides.


  • What powers the Bajaj RE?

    The Bajaj RE is powered by a 198.88 cubic centimeter engine.
  • How much is the payload capacity of the Bajaj RE?

    The Bajaj RE has a 310-kilogram payload capacity.
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    Sol Cuaresma, a studious TODA (Tricycle Operators and Drivers' Association) member and a tour guide from the province of Samal Island, can attest to the benefits of the Bajaj RE in his profession.

    Per Bajaj, the ergonomic seats of the RE three-wheeler give Cuaresma the right boost in confidence to offer his ride as the main transportation for every tourist.

    Further, the Bajaj RE can easily haul heavy baggage and pasalubongs, thanks to its 310-kilogram payload capacity.

    Even the roughest and steepest road of Samal Island is no match for the performance of Bajaj RE with its front fork suspension and 198.88 cubic centimeter engine.

    And despite the Bajaj RE’s capabilities, it still comes as a cost-efficient ride since it clocks in only at around 28 to 30 kilometers per liter. This means Cuaresma can earn more for every tour package booked due to the three-wheeler’s fuel injection system.

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    Finally, since after-service maintenance has been the talk these days, the Bajaj RE can easily be serviced thanks to the brand’s extensive parts and service shops available nationwide. Moreover, its partnership with Motortrade further boosted the locations where Bajaj three-wheelers can be cared for.

    Making a memorable island escapade for every tourist is Cuaresma’s specialty, and helping him become better in his role is the Bajaj RE.

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