Toyota launches 3-wheeled BEV in Japan


Toyota lives by its promise of being a mobility company, as the automotive brand releases a three-wheeled personal transporter, pretty much like the Segway scooter Kevin James rides in Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

Dubbed the C+walk T, the three-wheeled standing-type BEV, features a removable lithium-ion battery paired with a brushless DC motor located in the front wheel. It propels the C+walk T at typical human walking speeds with a range of 14km on a single battery charge.


Departure, acceleration, deceleration, and stopping are done via the accelerator levers found on either side of the steering wheel. A status display panel allows battery levels and speeds to be seen at a glance.


Safety-wise, Toyota’s three-wheeled BEV is equipped with obstacle detection that alerts the driver by issuing a visual alert on the display panel and an audio alert. The obstacle detection feature also automatically decelerates the vehicle.


Other safety features include a turning speed control function and a steep slope detection function.

According to Toyota, the C+walk T has potential corporate applications, allowing employees “to travel across large-scale facilities or to ease the burden of walking on elderly users engaged in security work, and can also be used on activity tours that take place inside parks and other facilities.”

Toyota is currently developing seated-type and wheelchair-linked-type models in the C+walk series, with a view to their future commercialization.

In addition, Toyota looks to see the C+walk T on public roads in the future through growing numbers of amendments being made to applicable laws and regulations.

The C+walk T went on sale at Toyota automobile dealers and was offered at rental and leasing stores starting October 1.

Photos from Toyota

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