Virtues and flaws of the Nissan Sylphy

Nissan Sylphy

It may have a unique name, but there's nothing extraordinary about the Nissan Sylphy — and we mean that in a good way. Nissan's compact sedan is among those cars that offer no frills, but only decent and reliable transport. 

For starters, the Sylphy's P908,000 to P1.052 million price tag is reasonable given what it offers. The price range encompasses three variants, two of which use a 1.6-liter gas engine that delivers 115hp and 154Nm, and the top-tier with a 1.8-liter mill with 130hp and 174Nm. The entry level car has a five-speed manual, the rest a continuously variable transmission (CVT). 

The Sylphy offers more than average tech specs, and possesses its share of pros and cons. 


1. Ride comfort

An updated undercarriage, with MacPherson struts up front and torsion beam at the rear, are said to contribute a smooth ride. Add to that an electric power steering, whose column adjusts for both tilt and reach, and the can driver be as comfortable as his or her passengers. 


2.  Decently equipped

Yes, that D word best sums up the Sylphy's equipment list, and the rest of the car. 

The base model 1.6L MT comes with an eight-inch touchscreen display with navigation, power windows, and immobilizer. The 1.6L CVT and and 1.8L CVT varieties add to those features dual-zone climate, keyless entry and start, and leather seats.  

3. Large trunk space

Nissan Sylphy

With 510 liters, the trunk can swallow suitcases or golf bags. Cargo space can be expanded with a rear seat access panel, to allow for longer items to pass from the trunk to cabin. 


1. CVT durability

There had been reports about Nissan CVT systems, like the one used in the Sylphy, being glitchy. Perhaps it'll be wise for the Sylphy owner to never skimp on or miss the car's transmission service intervals. 


2. Dated infotainment  

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Explore Nissan Sylphy

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Nissan Sylphy
₱908,000 - ₱1.052 Million Emi Starts : ₱15,577

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