WATCH: Husqvarna PH launches ‘Moto Conversations Podcast’ hosted by Sam YG


In a recent press release, Husqvarna Philippines announced that it will launch a motorcycle podcast dubbed Moto Conversations Podcast, with host Sam YG.


  • Where can I listen to the podcast?

    The Moto Conversations Podcast is available on Spotify.
  • When will it become available?

    The Moto Conversations Podcast's first episode is now available on the streaming service.
  • Dedicated to the local motorcycle scene, the Moto Conversations Podcast will feature relatable and lighthearted conversations among the country’s most influential riders.

    Husqvarna Philippines has uploaded a trailer of the six-episode pilot season with motorcycle enthusiast guests like renowned journalist Jay Taruc, Brat Pack members Ryan Agoncillo and Drew Arellano, as well as Imago’s guitarist Zach Lucero and Eraserheads’ drummer Raymund Marasigan. You can watch it here

    These folks — Sam YG included — are true-blue riders and are frequently seen on YouTube motorcycle videos and celebrity moto vlogs like Zach Lucero’s Makina Riders.

    Based on Husqvarna PH’s preview clip, the Moto Conversations Podcast will follow a fun and humorous tone and will let listeners inside a raw, unfiltered, and lighthearted banter among the featured guests.

    The podcast provides them a venue where they can talk about a common ground — which is their love for riding and Husqvarna Motorcycles. Here, influencer riders come together to share their origin stories, reminisce their most memorable experiences, air their pet peeves, and celebrate the overall joy and life lessons that riding has taught them.

    The Moto Conversations Podcast airs exclusively on Spotify. The first episode is out now with guest Ryan Agoncillo. 

    Photo from Husqvarna

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