WATCH: Nissan’s radio-controlled e-4orce car takes on drivability challenge


Nissan has revealed an e-4orce radio-controlled car to demonstrate the new all-wheel control technology can provide customers impressive handling and drivability over a variety of surfaces. The Japanese carmaker released a video of the said RC car taking on a drivability challenge set on a specially-designed figure-eight course.


  • What is the purpose of the e-4orce RC car?

    The e-4orce-equipped RC car was made to show how the e-4orce technology can tackel various driving challenges.
  • What test track was used for the RC driving exercise?

    Nissan used a specially designed figure-eight course with various surfaces.
  • You can check the video here.


    The aforementioned test track features various surfaces to test how the e-4orce-equipped RC model maintains the driving line and steerability.

    “By optimizing control at each of the wheels, e-4orce enhances driver confidence by tracing the intended driving line over a variety of road surfaces. The radio-controlled car represents the concept of e-4orce all-wheel control technology by demonstrating impressive grip, handling, and drivability over a slippery course,” said Nissan Advanced Engineering Division’s Kensuke Ito.


    Nissan equipped the RC model with four electric motors, one for each wheel, to reproduce e-4orce's all-wheel control technology. In addition, it’s equipped with speed sensors on all four wheels, a control system gyro sensor, and an on-board camera.

    The sensors monitor the driving conditions and control the motors individually.


    The setup for the RC car is pretty much like a sim racing rig. There’s an accelerator pedal, steering wheel, and tilting racing seat. A monitor linked to the car's on-board camera gives the driver a first-hand impression, like driving a real car.

    “We created the e-4orce car so people of all ages can experience the benefits of e-4orce. Driving it was a fun experience and made me what to drive even more,” said Nissan Research Division’s Takashi Fukushige.

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