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Will Isuzu replace the Crosswind?

FOR almost two decades, the Isuzu Crosswind has been one of the best-selling AUVs in the Philippines. Even though our streets are crowded with the latest SUVs, the aging Crosswind has remained a competitive vehicle in its segment. In fact, the Crosswind holds a special place in Isuzu’s history after reaching its 100,000-unit production mark last month.

Blue Isuzu Crosswind
The ever-reliable Isuzu Crosswind

Launched in 1997 as the Isuzu Hilander, the vehicle quickly established itself as a leader in the highly competitive AUV segment with 6,145 units assembled in its first year. The model was one of the first vehicles assembled by Isuzu PH in its world-class manufacturing plant in Laguna. Year after year, the Crosswind dominates and leads Isuzu towards success.

Despite its aging appearance, Filipino’s are still in love with the Crosswind. Some of its biggest assets are its durability, reliability and fuel-efficiency. Up to this very day, the Crosswind’s popularity, specifically with OFW families, continues to increase giving its nameplate the rightful title of the all-time “best-selling” AUV in the country.

The question is: When will Isuzu replace the Crosswind?

Dark blue Isuzu Crosswind
For 2015: All-new or refreshed?

At this point, no one can answer that. But we are positive that a few days from now the motoring public will get a glimpse at the new Crosswind. Is it going to be a new or refreshed model? Well, let’s just wait and see.




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