Yamaha presents NEO'S e-scoot with removable battery in Europe


Yamaha has launched a new electric scooter for the European market dubbed the NEO’S. It features a removable battery design which the brand says will promote both smarter short-distance urban mobility and carbon neutrality.


  • What is the range of the Yamaha NEO'S?

    The Yamaha NEO'S has a 37-km range in a single charge and can potentially be increased by purchasing an additional battery.
  • How much is the NEO'S?

    It is priced at €2,999.
  • According to the Iwata-based company, a new segment of users is emerging in Europe who are shifting away from car-based commuting to two-wheeled commuting.

    Yamaha adds that this user segment is driven by changes in urban systems such as no-entry zones for vehicles, parking problems, and one we’re all familiar with, traffic congestion.

    Another observation Yamaha made is that the traditional user base for 50cc scooters is also shifting to electric alternatives, leading Yamaha to anticipate the increased demand for electric scooters in the equivalent 2.5kW class.

    The Yamaha NEO’S is aimed at answering the changing needs of Europe’s small two-wheeled market segment.


    Yamaha’s 2.5kW electric scooter features a modern-looking exterior manifesting the smooth and agile performance unique to EVs. Its model-specific frame design is based on Yamaha’s Jin-Ki Kanno EV Design concept.


    The NEO’S is equipped with a removable battery with a 37-km cruising range that sends power to the Yamaha Integrated Power Unit II (YIPU II), which delivers quiet but long-lasting acceleration. A pair of low-loss tires add to the NEO’S ride comfort and efficiency.

    An optional second battery can be purchased which extends the range.

    The Yamaha NEO’S is now available in Europe and is priced at €2,999. Yamaha shares that it has plans to release the model to ASEAN markets in stages.

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