A car that is high on comfort but stiff a bit while driving

Honda Civic Type-R (2018-2022)

Stiff yet comfortable on roads- that is how I will describe my new car, Honda Civic Type R. I am too happy that I have opted for this car. The car is comfortable even if the ride gets rough on uneven roads. You may find it somewhat a hassle to drive this on bumpy roads considering this aspect. This car is quite powerful is reliable too. You will surely like the interior of this car. Everything is set with accuracy within. The gear knob, pedal and steering has been set in such a way that you can drive with ease the moment you place yourself on driver’s seat.


Dante Tuesday Nov 17, 2020 13:40:58

Rating of Honda Civic Type-R (2018-2022)

4.3 /5
Based on 14 Customer Reviews

CIVIC TYPE-R Owner Reviews

Based on 14 Customer Reviews

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