The best entry-level sports car in the Philippines

Honda Civic Type-R (2018-2022)

Honda Civic R is undoubtedly the best starter sports car I have ever driven. I did drive a few muscle cars, but this Honda feels very different. It is designed to be like a very stylish and edgy car that could be the perfect highway ride. The i-VTEC engine roars each time you rev the even to even at 2000 rpm. The engine makes a total of 305 hp power and 400 Nm torque and the manual gearbox is very convenient on the shift as I can upshift and downshift anywhere on the rev range I want to, unlike automatic transmission.


Gadiell Wednesday Feb 24, 2021 08:19:33

Rating of Honda Civic Type-R (2018-2022)

4.3 /5
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Based on 14 Customer Reviews

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