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Things We Like in Honda Click 150i

Aggressive design: The Honda Click 150i sports an aggressive and sporty design, uncommon in most scooters. It has a pointy nose and sharp body panels

Impressive features: The scooter comes with all-LED headlamps, taillights, turn indicators, keyless ignition and an idling stop system. It also has a fully digital instrument panel  

Advanced powertrain: The Click 150i is equipped with a 150cc motor that produces 13.2 PS and 13.4 Nm that makes the scooter the most powerful vehicle in its class.

Easy handling: The two-wheeler is lightweight and is extremely easy to handle. This makes it a perfect two-wheeler for city roads

Things We Don't Like in Honda Click 150i

Deceptive looks: The large and sharp-styled body panels make the two-wheeler look beefy than it actually is. The looks are mostly deceptive

Thin tire: The Click 150i rolls on thin tires. The leads to less traction on the road and makes the two-wheeler prone to slipping

Only for the city: The Click 150i is a pure city scooter. The aggressive features are limited only to the looks. Highway riding is best avoided with the 150i.

Plastic quality: Honda should have used better quality plastics for the scooter. The plastic is rather hard and scratchy

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