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New and Used Ford Expedition for Sale in the Philippines 2019

Ford Expedition for sale Philippines | Ford Expedition price | Red Ford Expedition


The Expedition is a full-size SUV produced and sold by the American automaker Ford. This vehicle was launched in 1997 in response to the Chevrolet Tahoe and the GMC Yukon. It indirectly succeeded the two-door Bronco, and as such, was initially built on the F-150 pickup truck platform. The 1997, the Expedition came in 4x2 and 4x4 with ControlTrac configurations and was equipped with a powerful 4.6L Triton engine that boasted 230 hp. A 5.4L 230 hp Triton engine was optional. 1999 saw the Expedition engine become more powerful. The 5.4L engine saw a 30-point increase in its horsepower rating. From 1997 to 2003, the Expedition was available in Eddie Bauer and XLT trim levels. By 2005, the 4.6L engine was dropped, while the 5.4L was enhanced even further. In 2007, Ford updated the design of the Expedition to match it with the capabilities of the improved engine, resulting in a heavily updated platform where the 5.4L was married to a new six-speed automatic transmission.

People generally search for Ford Expedition for sale in the Philippines due to its tough looks, large interior, generous luggage space, lots of features and impressive performance. Enthusiasts in the Philippines usually compare the Ford Expedition vs Toyota Land Cruiser vs Chevrolet Suburban. Carmudi has prepared a detailed review of Ford Expedition in the Philippines, with information about its engine specifications, features, design, prices and latest offers.



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Ford Expedition overall score by Carmudi's car expert:
4.4 stars


The New Ford Expedition 2016 Has Been Finally Revealed

Ford Expedition 2016 in the Philippines

How is the 2016 Ford Expedition different from the 2015 model?

The new Ford Expedition 2016 gets some interesting changes regarding its exterior and interior design in order to add more appeal. Some of the main changes include:

  • Huge and heavy bumpers and fenders
  • New Sony audio system
  • New air conditioning system
  • Larger cab

What is new about the Ford Expedition 2016 design?

The exterior design of the new Ford Expedition 2016 is boxy and modern. There are some changes and updates regarding the design from inside out, such as:

  • Three side windows as rear pillars
  • 22” alloy wheels
  • Optional tinted windows
  • Interior LED lighting

What are the Ford Expedition 2016 specs and features?

The 2016 Expedition is offered around the world with numerous trim levels to choose from. The new model also has a large host of standard and optional features. Some of these features are:

  • New 10-speaker stereo system
  • Upgraded MyFord infotainment system

What are Ford Expedition prices in the Philippines?

Carmudi has prepared a pricelist of the available Ford Expedition 2016 for sale in the Philippines as the following:

  • Ford Expedition 3.5L Platinum 2016 price: P3,525,000


Ford Expedition Review in the Philippines

Ford Expedition: Engine Specifications and Performance

The EL Platinum, the only Expedition variant currently sold in the Philippines, uses a 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine that replaces the gas-guzzling 5.4L Triton V8 engine of the previous version. The biggest surprise is while the new engine is more economical, it’s also more powerful. The V6 is rated at 365 horsepower and 569 Nm—a definite improvement compared to the V8’s 310 horsepower and 495 Nm capabilities. The engine comes mated with a 6-speed automatic transmission and has a top speed of 185 km/h.

The Ford Expedition Suspension system employs an Independent Short- and Long-Arm (SLA) coil-over-shocks with stabilizer bar at the front and Independent Short- and Long-Arm (SLA) coil-over-shocks with stabilizer bar at the back.

Thanks to the engine change, the Expedition has been exorcised of its notoriously sluggish feel. Coupled with Ford’s renowned steering system, the latest iteration now comes with superb handling and driving feel that you won’t expect from a vehicle of its heft and weight. Driving the vehicle is quite easy, and the turns are sharper and quicker than ever.

Ford Expedition Specs and Performance 2017
Engine and Chassis
Engine 4,500
Maximum Output (PS/rpm) 370PS / 5500rpm
Maximum Torque (Nm/rpm) 569Nm / 3500rpm
Brakes 4-Wheel Disc (ABS)
Steering Electronic Power Assist Steering (EPAS)
Suspension Multilink Independent Rear
Transmission 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

Ford Expedition Fuel Efficiency

With the newly introduced engine, the standard 3.5 Liter EcoBoost V6, the Ford Expedition not only gets higher than ever horsepower, but also gets higher EPA estimated fuel efficiency than ever. Here are some fuel efficiency comparisons between various Ford Expedition models from the past few years:

New Ford Expedition Fuel Consumption:

  • Ford Expedition 2016: 13.8 avg L/100KM
  • Ford Expedition 2015: 13.9 avg L/100KM
  • Ford Expedition 2014: 15.7 avg L/100KM
  • Ford Expedition 2013: 16.6 avg L/100KM
  • Ford Expedition 2012: 16.3 avg L/100KM
  • Ford Expedition 2011: 17.2 avg L/100KM

Used Ford Expedition Fuel Consumption:

  • Ford Expedition 2010: 15.3 avg L/100KM
  • Ford Expedition 2009: 18.4 avg L/100KM
  • Ford Expedition 2008: 15.4 avg L/100KM
  • Ford Expedition 2007: 16.6 avg L/100KM
  • Ford Expedition 2006: 16.8 avg L/100KM
  • Ford Expedition 2005: 17.1 avg L/100KM


Ford Expedition Features

Ford Expedition Convenience and Entertainment Features

The new models of Ford Expedition have a wide variety of tech features that add more convenience and entertainment for the driver and passengers. Some of these features include:

  • Rearview camera
  • Satellite radio
  • Bluetooth
  • 8-inch touchscreen
  • Ambient lighting
  • Auxiliary inputs


Ford Expedition Safety Features

The Ford Expedition has earned the highest safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, scoring a remarkable 5-star overall rating. Some of the standard and optional safety features include:

  • Side-impact airbags
  • Blind sport monitor
  • Trailer sway control
  • Stability control
  • Brake assist
  • Tire pressure monitoring


Ford Expedition Design

Ford Expedition Interior Design

A plush of new upholstery paves the way for the luxurious interior. Meanwhile, the trim has been upgraded to add more contrast and cohesion. With its layers of metallic and wood grain trim, the design exudes a more convincing look of quality. The cabin is also quite enormous. The cabin has maximum comfort and space with a place for 8 passengers. Some of the interior features are:

  • Cloth/leather seats
  • Heated/cooled front seats
  • Power-folding third row seats
  • Door pockets
  • Cup holders
  • Optional rear-seat DVD system


Ford Expedition Exterior Design

Outside, the new Expedition looks beefier than its predecessor, but also softer and more streamlined. That said, it does retain the essence of the original Expedition: box-shaped proportions and slab sides easily echo the Expedition ancestor. A thick new chrome strip characterizes the back, while the cargo hatch has been given a facelift to bookend the Expedition’s design adjustments. The full-size SUV looks bold and elegant. Some of the exterior features include:

  • Unique grille and lower fascia
  • LED fog lamps
  • Optional jewel like projector headlamps
  • Moonroof
  • 20-inch rims
  • Splash guards


Ford Expedition Color Options

The Ford Expedition comes available to the Philippines car markets in a choice of different body colors to choose from. Some of these colors are:

  • White platinum
  • Tuxedo black
  • Magnetic metallic


Ford Expedition Price List in the Philippines

If you are looking to buy a new or 2nd hand Ford Expedition for sale in the Philippines, all you have to do is easily check Carmudi’s listings. We have all types of Ford Explorer trims as well as attractive new and second hand Ford Explorer prices to suit your budget:

New Ford Expedition Price in the Philippines

  • Ford Expedition 2016 price in the Philippines starts from P3,525,000
  • Ford Expedition 2015 price in the Philippines starts from P3,488,000
  • Ford Expedition 2014 price in the Philippines starts from P3,000,000
  • Ford Expedition 2013 price in the Philippines starts from P2,600,000
  • Ford Expedition 2012 price in the Philippines starts from P2,226,000
  • Ford Expedition 2011 price in the Philippines starts from P1,895,000


Price List Ford Expedition 2017
Type Price
3.5L V6 EcoBoost Php 3,615,000


Second-Hand Ford Expedition Price in the Philippines

  • Ford Expedition 2010 price in the Philippines starts from P1,800,000
  • Ford Expedition 2009 price in the Philippines starts from P1,780,000
  • Ford Expedition 2008 price in the Philippines starts from P1,000,000
  • Ford Expedition 2007 price in the Philippines starts from P888,000
  • Ford Expedition 2006 price in the Philippines starts from P650,000
  • Ford Expedition 2005 price in the Philippines starts from P569,000


Ford Expedition latest offers in the Philippines


Know more about Ford Expedition price list in the Philippines

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