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New and Used Isuzu Alterra for Sale Philippines | Isuzu Alterra Price List 2018

Isuzu Alterra for sale Philippines | Isuzu Alterra price Philippines | Black Isuzu Alterra

Alterra is a passenger pickup vehicle – which is basically an SUV with a pickup platform – that was built and produced by the Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturer Isuzu from 2005 to 2014.  Base models are the barebones units of any mass market automobile line. As such, they are often severely lacking in terms of features and everything else. Contrary to this idea however, the barebones approach actually works like a charm for the Alterra, Isuzu’s flagship SUV. Indeed, the Isuzu Alterra is impressive overall, but the best part is the price, because at its range, it means that the base Alterra is practically in league with top-of-the-line compact sedans, Asian utility vehicles or multi-purpose vehicles.

Despite being manufactured in Thailand, the Isuzu Alterra is equally popular in the Philippines, thanks to its practicality, comfort and reliability. The model bowed out in September 2014 and was replaced by the MU-X, so information about Isuzu Alterra 2017 in the Philippines is linked to the MU-X instead. Although it is no longer in production, people still seek Isuzu Alterra for sale in the Philippines. Vehicles competing in this segment locally include the Mitsubishi Pajero (derived from the Strada), Toyota Fortuner (based on the Hilux), Chevrolet Trailblazer (Colorado), Ford Everest (Ranger) and the Alterra, which shares its platform with the Isuzu D-Max. To help you make a better purchasing decision, Carmudi has prepared a detailed review of Isuzu Alterra in the Philippines, with information about its engine specifications, features, design, prices and latest offers.




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Isuzu Alterra Review in the Philippines

Isuzu Alterra Specs and Performance

The Alterra came in only one engine type each year it was released. Early versions used a 3.0-liter DDi iTEQ with CRDi diesel engine which produces 146 horsepower and 217 Nm of torque. The Isuzu Alterra engine allowed the vehicle to accelerate from 0-100 kilometers per hour (kph) in 12.6 seconds and has a top speed of up to 195 kph. The latest generation of the Alterra, which debuted in Thailand in 2013, featured a new 2.5-liter engine which has been dubbed the “Super Commonrail”.

The Isuzu Alterra suspension system consisted of an independent double wishbone with torsion bar springs and stabilizer bar at the front and a Flex RideMOVE suspension, semi-elliptical leaf springs with telescopic shock absorber at the rear.

As a truck-based SUV, one can’t expect the Alterra to have sedan-like handling, and maneuvering can be a bit of a challenge because of the vehicle’s length. The suspension system is tuned for comfort, so if you prefer a weighty ride such as those offered by American-made SUVs in a more affordable setting, the Alterra is for you.

Isuzu Alterra Fuel Consumption

The Isuzu Alterra is considered good when it comes to fuel economy. When compared to rivals, the Alterra is considered a better choice than many rivals in terms of efficiency. Here are some approximate fuel efficiency comparisons between various Isuzu Alterra models from the past few years:

New Isuzu Alterra Fuel Consumption:

  • Isuzu Alterra 2014: 7.1 avg L/100KM
  • Isuzu Alterra 2013: 7.1 avg L/100KM
  • Isuzu Alterra 2012: 7.1 avg L/100KM
  • Isuzu Alterra 2011: 7.1 avg L/100KM
  • Isuzu Alterra 2010: 7.1 avg L/100KM

Used Isuzu Alterra Fuel Consumption:

  • Isuzu Alterra 2009: 8.6 avg L/100KM
  • Isuzu Alterra 2008: 8.6 avg L/100KM
  • Isuzu Alterra 2007: 8.6 avg L/100KM
  • Isuzu Alterra 2006: 8.6 avg L/100KM
  • Isuzu Alterra 2005: 8.6 avg L/100KM


Isuzu Alterra Features

Isuzu Alterra Convenience and Entertainment Features

The recent Isuzu Alterra models have been equipped with a fair amount of convenience and entertainment features, both standardly and optionally. Some of these features are:

  • Dual 7-inch LCD monitors
  • 6-speakers audio system
  • Dial type aircon system
  • Power door locks
  • Power windows
  • CD/MP3 player


Isuzu Alterra Safety Features

Safety side, the Isuzu Alterra has a large host of safety features and equipment to protect the driver and passengers. Some of the standard and optional safety features include:

  • Dual SRS Airbags
  • ABS with G Sensor
  • 3 pts ELR Seatbelts
  • Anti-Theft Immobilizer System
  • Integrated License Plate Garnish
  • High Mount Stop Lamp


Isuzu Alterra Design

Isuzu Alterra Interior Design

The Isuzu Alterra has a spacious cabin made of good quality materials. The leg and head space is more than enough for all passengers. The whole cabin is fairly attractive and comfortable for such an affordable vehicle. It also comes with plenty of features, including:

  • USB/iPod port
  • Reclining bucket seats
  • Moquette fabric materials
  • Back-up camera
  • Cup holders
  • Reverse sensor


Isuzu Alterra Exterior Design

The Isuzu Alterra is a masculine SUV with a feline inspired front. Its angled front fascia is modernized and more attractive in the most recent models. Many external features are also available, including:

  • Tooth-line chrome grille
  • Halogen projector headlamps
  • Chrome tailpipe finisher
  • LED signal lamp side view mirrors
  • Integrated spoiler
  • A side step board


Isuzu Alterra Color Options

The Isuzu Alterra comes available to the Philippines car markets in a choice of different body colors to choose from. Some of these colors are:

  • Starry black
  • Mineral gray
  • Silky pearl white 


Isuzu Alterra Pros and Cons

If you still have doubts about whether to buy an Isuzu Alterra, consider the following advantages and disadvantages below to help you decide:

Isuzu Alterra Pros

  • Isuzu Alterra’s low ride height and long wheelbase make for a composed ride on the road.
  • The Alterra has a spacious cabin giving you more room to relax when traveling.
  • With a standard entertainment system, passengers and driver will not be bored.
  • The Alterra’s fuel economy is better compared to its rivals.

Isuzu Alterra Cons

  • Some may find the truck-like steering and reflexes of the Isuzu Alterra undesirable.
  • Design-wise, those looking for major changes in the Isuzu Alterra will be disappointed.
  • The Alterra’s bouncy ride and hard maneuverability may put some buyers off.
  • Since it is a diesel, expect some engine noise when inside the cabin.


Isuzu Alterra Price List in the Philippines

Here is an average price list of new and 2nd hand Isuzu Alterra in the Philippines:

New Isuzu Alterra Price in the Philippines

  • Isuzu Alterra 2014 price in the Philippines :P998,000
  • Isuzu Alterra 2013 price in the Philippines :P980,000
  • Isuzu Alterra 2012 price in the Philippines :P970,000
  • Isuzu Alterra 2011 price in the Philippines :P918,000


Second-Hand Isuzu Alterra Price in the Philippines

  • Isuzu Alterra 2009 price in the Philippines :P690,000
  • Isuzu Alterra 2008 price in the Philippines :P680,000
  • Isuzu Alterra 2007 price in the Philippines :P548,000
  • Isuzu Alterra 2006 price in the Philippines :P545,000


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