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Isuzu trucks for sale in the Philippines

Isuzu Elf

While Isuzu is primarily known for its easily recognizable car models, the Japanese automaker also has its distinct platform of commercial vehicles. Isuzu has a wide variety of trucks, of all shapes and sizes, that were designed for businesses to deliver and transport their products.

Isuzu markets its truck segment through its distinct N-series and F-series. The ever popular Isuzu Elf line and the N-series consists of light-duty multi-purpose trucks known for their easy to maintain features and durability. The F-Series, on the other hand, consists of sturdy medium to full size trucks and has been branded the Isuzu Forward.

Isuzu N-Series

The trucks from Isuzu are designed to provide both comfort and increased productivity, while having low cost of ownership. It is also the first LCF truck series to offer two diesel engines and a gasoline engine which are LPG and CNG-capable.

In some cases the N-Series has been further modified for the Philippine market to have an enclosed aluminium body which makes it lighter and more fuel efficient. The N-Series is used by numerous industries from construction to wholesale sellers.

Isuzu F-Series

The much larger F-Series usually has a cab over design and a cabin that was fully built by Isuzu’s Japanese factory. Most of its models are equipped with diesel engines, but some markets have also developed CNG derivative engines. The “Forward” badge of these trucks is usually found on the rear of the unit.

For decades, both the Forward and the Elf have competed with brands such as Mitsubishi Fuso and Hino Ranger.

Isuzu Gigamax


Both the Elf and the Forward are marketed in some of the largest economies in the world, such as Mexico and Indonesia. However, they are just two units in the diverse fleet that is Isuzu’s commercial vehicle division. The F-Series and N-Series use a unique three letter combination to group their different variants.

The first letter tells the series: N or F. The second letter pertains to its weight rating (H- regular cabs; K- high cabs, etc.) and the third tells its drivetrain layout (S- all-wheel drive, R-rear-wheel drive).

Price range

A brand new N-series has a price range of P905,000 to P1.339 million while the F-series costs between P2.43 million and P2.73 million. The price tag of each unit varies depending on its trim level, transmission and body type.

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