8th PIMS: Isuzu says listening to customers played important role in developing GXZ

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The 8th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) is not just a venue for mobility brands to showcase their latest offerings and innovations but also for their executives to talk to the motoring media and their customers.


  • What are the purpose-built features of the new GXZ 10-wheeler tractor head?

    Per IPC, the GXZ is built with e electronic vehicle stability control and anti-lock brake system (ABS).
  • Will Isuzu be developing electrified trucks?

    IPC said that Isuzu Japan is already developing electrified vehicles. Should the Philippines have enough infrastructures for electrified trucks, Isuzu PH might bring electrified vehicles from Japan to the country.
  • Present at the automotive expo is the country’s leading truck brand — Isuzu Philippines Corp. (IPC).

    Carmudi Philippines talked to IPC Sales Assistant Division Head Robert Carlos, who shared that the newly-launched GXZ 10-wheeler tractor head was a product of Isuzu listening to their customers.

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    “Being the number one truck brand for 22 consecutive years is a really challenging status to maintain. And our secret for that is just listening to our customers,” said Carlos.

    “Our customers — particularly the fuel haulers and logistics haulers — require advanced safety features… What are those? They are electronic vehicle stability control (EVSC) and the anti-lock brake system (ABS). As you know, these trucks are pulling heavy loads, traversing long drives, and [take on> some harsh road conditions. And safety features such as EVSC and ABS are really important items for them,” he explained.

    “So, we listened to them. That’s why we introduced this latest GXZ.” Carlos added.

    By listening to their customers, Isuzu gains insights into some of the features that will help the people who use their trucks gain more confidence on the road. Instead of forcing their customers to like their products, they equip their trucks with technologies that their customers want — and need.

    Carlos also said that IPC knows that its customers value the safety of both their drivers and the cargo they deliver. And providing them with a purpose-built vehicle that can help them increase the protection of both shows that the company not only listens — but also cares.

    With the back-to-back electrified launches happening at PIMS, we couldn’t help but ask if Isuzu Philippines is planning to usher in an electrified era for the local truck segment.

    “Actually, Isuzu Japan is in the development stage in the electrification [of its vehicles>. However, in the case of Isuzu Philippines, we are closely working with the government and coordinating with them with regard to the infrastructures and setting up the rules and regulations. Once there is a defined [set of> rules and infrastructures, we can easily bring electrified vehicles from Japan,” Carlos commented.

    That said, we could expect that not only our passenger cars could run on sustainable power but also commercial vehicles and heavy-duty trucks.

    Photos from Ruben Manahan IV 

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