Bentley unveils Batur as prelude to brand's future BEV design

bentley batur design

Bentley has just unveiled the new project of its bespoke division Mulliner, Batur. The British luxury car brand revealed the limited-edition two-door grand touring coupé at the 2022 Monterey Car Week.


  • What new design cue was applied to the Bentley Batur?

    The new design cue applied to the Bentley Batur is the “endless bonnet.”
  • How many Bentley Batur units will be made?

    According to Bentley, only 18 Batur units will be produced.
  • When can Bentley's clients expect delivery of the Batur?

    Per Bentley, first deliveries are expected in mid-2023.
  • Its premiere, according to Bentley, is a showcase of a new design DNA that will ultimately guide the styling of its future battery electric vehicle (BEV) range and embodies the start of a design revolution for the brand.

    “The Batur is a significant car for Bentley. Far more than the heir to the highly successful Bacalar, the Batur showcases the design direction that we’re taking in the future as we develop our range of BEVs. Andi Mindt and his team have reimagined the classic Bentley design cues into a stronger, bolder design that remains both elegant and graceful,” said Bentley Chairman and Chief Executive Adrian Hallmark.

    Bentley’s Director of Design Andreas Mindt  and his team — which includes Head of Exterior Design Tobias Suehlmann and Head of Interior Design Andrew Hart-Barron — contributed to the creation of the recently-introduced project. Together, they revolutionized the design DNA that has driven the creation of the Continental GT, Flying Spur, and Bentayga families by introducing new themes, approaches, and details.

    Per Bentley, the Batur previews the design principles that are driving the development of the company’s first BEV — due in 2025 — and the families of cars that follow.

    “For any design team, the chance to redefine our own rules is the most exciting challenge. We have reimagined the Bentley design language, keeping some continuity to the past and present while also drastically changing key elements,” said Mindt.

    Bentley’s Director of Design explained that the design of a modern Bentley should always be potent, inspirational, and harmonious. It should be strong and muscular, but still retains the element of elegance.

    “The term we use is the ‘resting beast stance’ — picture a lion or tiger, laying low in an attack position in long grass. That powerful shape — of ultimate power at rest, that looks fast even when stationary — is one that drives our new interpretation of the classic Bentley power line and haunch,” Mindt added.

    “A mark of power and prestige has always been a long bonnet. Our new design cues include a line that stretches from the bonnet along the whole length of the car, connecting the bonnet into the body, making the car long and lean, and giving an elongated proportion to the front end. We call this feature the ‘endless bonnet,’ and it’s the only accent highlight to the cleaner shape. Meanwhile, the visual mass of the car is moved rearwards, giving the impression that the car is sat on the rear axle, which adds further depth to the haunches,” Mindt said.

    bentley batur design 1bentley batur design 2

    The team gave the Batur a more modern grille design, which is lower and more upright. The style gives the coupé a stronger face and a more dominant stance. The grille is flanked by a new headlight shape and design, an evolution of the design used on Bacalar and maintaining the single large headlight on either side. The vehicles comes with all-new taillamps at the rear that sit on both sides of the deployable spoiler. It rides on 22-inch wheels that come in Black Crystal.

    Optional portions include an aerodynamic front splitter, side skirts, and rear diffuser made from carbon fiber or Bentley’s new, sustainable Natural Fiber composite. In addition, the exterior brightware can be ordered in light and dark, satin, gloss, or even titanium. The front grille can also be had with a graduated contrast color. A darker option is available for the wheels.

    “Overall, the form is cleaner and simplified, and we rely more on curvaceous surfaces bisected in the right places to reflect light and dark and bring more muscle to the design,” summed Mindt.

    bentley batur design 3bentley batur design 4

    Inside, the Batur boasts a cabin of sustainable bespoke beauty. It is inspired by, and builds on the core elements of the Bacalar’s cabin design  while adds new sustainable luxury features.

    Bentley revealed that its clients can choose from a variety of sustainable interior materials for the interior, including a low-carbon leather sourced from Scotland, a sustainably tanned leather from Italy, and Dinamica (a sustainable suede-like material used as an alternative to leather).

    The fascias can be finished with Natural Fiber composite available as a 2x2 twill weave and finished in satin lacquer.

    The final sustainable elements are the carpets, which are matched to the leather and made from recycled yarn — a first for Bentley.

    The limited-edition Bentley Mulliner Batur unveiled at the 2022 Monterey Car Week had the following features: a bespoke Bonneville Pearlescent Silver paint; Black Crystal finished carbon fiber front splitters, side skirts, and rear diffuser; as well as Satin Titanium-painted endless bonnet and 22-inch wheels.

    Inside, it showcased an interior trim in Beluga, Hotspur, and Hyperactive. Additional texture is provided through the use of Dinamica in both Beluga and Hotspur. The outer wings of the seats feature hand-embroidered Batur Chevrons in Snap Orange thread.

    The veneers of the instrument panel, fascias, and doors are finished in Gloss Black. The fascia features a laser-etched sound wave, which represents the unique sound generated by the W12 engine. The metallic elements of the interior are a blend of Black Anodized Aluminium and Satin Titanium, completed with a hallmarked 18-karat gold Bentley Dynamic Drive Selector and a 12 o'clock steering wheel center band.

    bentley batur design 5bentley batur design 6

    Only 18 Bentley Batur units will be made. Each one will be handcrafted at Bentley’s carbon-neutral factory in Crewe, England over the course of several months in Mulliner’s workshop. First deliveries are expected in mid-2023.

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