Bentley’s Crewe design dept. celebrates 70th anniversary


It has been 70 years since Bentley established its Pyms Lane site design department in Crewe, Cheshire, England.

Bentley’s design and manufacturing center sits on a 521,111-sqm lot and is the birthplace of the 1951 R-Type Continental.


“Leading the next evolution of Bentley’s design DNA is a true honor, especially after so many decades of exquisite design in our studio in Crewe. There are iconic Bentleys that were created here — beautiful cars that have stood the test of time, and which inspire our styling cues to this day,” said Bentley Motors Director of Design Andreas Mindt.

“Our team of designers is now engaged with their next opportunity — creating Bentley’s first BEV, which must translate and reshape those classic forms and details to a truly future-facing design. Not only that, the car must be sustainable in more ways than just being electric — so we are exploring sustainable materials, recyclability and new ways of working to ensure the car has a low carbon footprint throughout its lifecycle. Getting this design absolutely perfect will help guarantee the next chapter in this astonishing history of Bentley Design,” Mindt added.

When the Crewe facility was first founded, Bentley’s design department had to communicate ideas and design proposals and share their vision using hand-painted watercolor artworks.


Nowadays, the Crewe team uses measuring arms and scanning equipment for a faster and more accurate rendering of bespoke vehicle commissions.


In addition, designers in Crewe can now sketch in a virtual world that can be experienced regardless of geographical location on screens or through headsets and augmented reality.


“Despite the global pandemic, we have had to learn to adapt and use the tools around us to continue evolving how we design. I had at least two of my design colleagues working in different locations around the world due to the pandemic travel restrictions preventing their return to Crewe. Using virtual reality we could hold design reviews, assess details, alternate texture, choose color, swap materials, and yet still make progress and achieve our deadlines,” said Bentley Motors Head of Interior Design Darren Day.

Day joined Bentley 27 years ago and is now the longest-serving member of the British automotive brand’s design team.

From a five-man team, the design department now employs more than 50 individuals covering design aspects for the interior, exterior, user experience, color and materials, bespoke requests, and collaborations.

Despite the advancements in modern technology and the addition of new tools, equipment, and manpower, Bentley’s crew at Crewe still ensures that each design and inspiration is finished with superior craftsmanship and a lot of passion.

Speaking of which, Bentley’s passion for design extends beyond luxury vehicles. The Crewe facility now makes elegant home furniture.


“We work very closely with our colleagues at Bentley Home to ensure the furniture we create embodies the exacting standard in design and manufacture we have in our cars," said Lead Designer Chris Cooke.

He added, “From the language and flow of the surfaces to the detailed execution of the veneering process, the Bentley Home range is a great example of what we do best, create luxury products for discerning customers.”

If bespoke furniture isn’t enough, the iconic automotive marque also offers a Bentley-branded residence in Sunny Isles Beach, Miami.


Over the years, Bentley’s Crewe design center played a critical part in the brand’s expansion. It will continue to play a fundamental role in Bentley’s future, especially in its journey towards electrification.

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