BMW M begins concept testing for all-electric high-performance models

bmw m testing

BMW M, the marque’s high-performance division, announced that it has started conducting the first test drives of a so-called concept test vehicle for innovative drive and chassis control systems.


  • What BMW model is being used as a test mule?

    The current test vehicle for the concept trials is a modified BMW i4 M50.
  • What drive system is being used on the test mule?

    At the heart of the test vehicle is an electric M xDrive four-wheel drive system with four electric motors.
  • During the abovementioned phase, a multi-disciplinary team of developers will test the hardware and software solutions designed for future fully-electric high-performance cars.


    According to BMW M, the concept testing focuses on a four-wheel drive system comprising four electric motors and an integrated driving dynamics control system, which together provide an unprecedented level of performance and experience that will trickle down its future electric performance models.

    Acting as a test mule is a BMW i4 M50 with a modified body in classic BMW M fashion. The front end of the vehicle features an adapted body strut concept taken from the BMW M3/ M4 series for particularly high torsional rigidity in extremely dynamic driving situations. The arrangement of the radiator units is also based on the configuration developed for the current high-performance sports cars. It also has wide wheel arches that allow the fitting of specifically manufactured high-performance front and rear axle designs.

    At the heart of the test vehicle is an electric M xDrive four-wheel drive system with four electric motors. BMW said that having all four wheels each driven by an electric motor opens up completely new possibilities for infinitely variable, extremely precise, and at the same time very fast distribution of drive torque.

    Through the aforementioned system, the driver will get to experience entirely new performance characteristics even under extremely demanding conditions such as in highly dynamic situations or adverse road conditions.

    “Electrification opens up completely new degrees of freedom for us to create M-typical dynamics. And we can already see that we can exploit this potential to the maximum so that our high-performance sports cars will continue to offer the M-typical and incomparable combination of dynamics, agility, and precision in the locally emission-free future,” said BMW M Head of Development Dirk Häcker.

    More details are expected to be released as the concept testing progresses.

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