BMW Motorrad Now Offering M Performance Parts

BMW S 1000 RR with M

It might be the thirteenth letter in the alphabet, but for BMW, the letter M is certainly not an unlucky letter. It's quite lucky, actually, since the letter M--particularly that one you find at BMW M Performance Parts--means you'd get to enjoy some BMW models to motor racing and "high-performance" levels.

This is true not just for the luxury brand's vehicles such as the M2, M3, M4, M5, and M6--it's also true for its motorcycle brand, the BMW Motorrad, as its S 1000 RR sportbike can now be fitted with M options and M performance parts. For the S 1000 RR M package, the standard bike is upgraded with Motorsport paint finish, M carbon fiber wheels, M lightweight battery, M Chassis Kit with rear ride height adjustment and swing arm pivot, M sport seat, and Pro Mode services to make it perform even better.

BMW M Performance Parts

BMW S 1000 RR with M

Adding that most sought after "M" to your BMW has it perks, and goes not just for the car's interior and exterior, but also for its drive system and chassis engineering as well. Now,  you can systematically enhance the sports feel of your BMW like you're driving on a racetrack--or driving a more well-tuned, high-performing vehicle that offers "athletic individualism in its highest form."

About the BMW Motorrad

The BMW Motorrad actually began as an aircraft engine manufacturer back in the 20th century. It first used a flat-twin boxer engine, which BMW still continues to use despite using other engine systems in its various models. Its most popular model is the R 1200GS, and its S series--the S 1000 RR sport bike--uses a transverse-mounted, 999 cc inline-fours for its engine.

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