BMW Motorrad presents ‘meaningful’ updates for 2023 S 1000 RR

2023 bmw s 1000 rr

BMW Motorrad has revealed the updates that were made for the 2023 S 1000 RR.


  • What enhancements did BMW Motorrad give the 2023 S 1000 RR?

    Per BMW Motorrad, the 2023 S 1000 RR gets enhancements in “chassis, suspension, aerodynamics, and electronic assist systems.”
  • What is the price of the 2023 BMW S 1000 RR?

    The 2023 BMW S 1000 RR is priced at US$17,895 (P1.055 million).
  • According to the BMW brand’s motorcycle division, the 2023 S 1000 RR received “meaningful enhancements to the chassis, suspension, aerodynamics, and electronic assist systems.”

    The chassis of the 2023 BMW S 1000 RR now boasts improved geometry. BMW Motorrad flattened out the steering head angle by 0.5 degrees and reduced the offset of the triple clamps by 0.1 inches. The castor was increased from 3.7 inches to 3.9 inches. At the same time, the wheelbase was extended to 57.4 inches.

    The new chassis geometry results not only in better riding precision but also in increased accuracy and improved feedback from the front wheel.

    2023 bmw s 1000 rr 12023 bmw s 1000 rr 2

    As for its suspension upgrades, the 2023 BMW S 1000 RR is fitted with an upside down telescopic fork at the front with a 45 millimeter (mm) slide tube diameter; adjustable spring preload, rebound, and compression; as well as an optional Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) electronically adjustable damping.

    It also is equipped with an aluminum underslung double-sided swing arm at the rear with a central spring and shock absorber; adjustable spring preload, rebound, and compression; and also an optional DDC electronically adjustable damping.

    2023 bmw s 1000 rr 32023 bmw s 1000 rr 4

    One of the main areas of focus in the development of the motorcycle was aerodynamics. This area has played a central role in both MotoGP and in the Superbike World Championship (World SBK) for several years now.

    The winglets on the front fairing of the new 2023 BMW S 1000 RR can generate up to approximately 10 kilograms (kg) of aerodynamic downforce. This creates an additional front wheel load — depending on the speed. The additional wheel load on the front wheel, explained BMW Motorrad, counteracts the wheelie tendency during acceleration. Thus the traction control system has to regulate less, making more drive power available for acceleration and leading to improved lap times.

    The BMW Motorrad developers countered the slightly increased aerodynamic resistance caused by the small additional frontal area and shape of the winglets with a newly designed high windshield. This helps improve the flow around the rider's helmet. A further aerodynamic improvement was achieved by partitioning off the lower triple clamp.

    BMW Motorrad also gave the 2023 S 1000 RR a newly designed rear section with a pillion cover making the current RR look even sportier. Optional accessories like the shorter license plate bracket and the Endurance seat will also be available.

    2023 bmw s 1000 rr 5

    When it comes to the 2023 BMW S 1000 RR’s electronic assist features, the motorcycle now features a 6.5-inch thin-film transistor (TFT) instrument cluster with four available screen layouts. As a new comfort function, the last selected screen display appears after turning on the ignition again.

    Additionally, the new instrument cluster features an optimized display of the rev counter. It now has a dashed area and a solid red area that is directly controlled by the engine control unit.

    The 2023 BMW S 1000 RR is expected to be sold in the US in January 2023. It will have a retail price of US$17,895 (P1.055 million) with US customers shouldering US$695 (P40,995) for the destination fee.

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