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BMW PH Recalls 2004-2011 BMW 3 Series for Wiring Harness

SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp., the authorized distributor of BMW vehicles in the Philippines, is recalling the BMW 3 Series models manufactured between 2004 to 2011 for an issue with its blower wiring harness.

According to the German carmaker, it has determined that, over time, the plug connection from the wiring harness to the blower controller may deteriorate which, in rare cases, may lead to overheating and the subsequent short circuit or melting at the plug-in contact which, in turn, may lead to a fire.

As such, all current owners of the affected vehicles are requested to set an appointment with their preferred BMW workshop where the plug connection on the blower controller will be checked and reworked. If required, the blower controller will also be replaced.

SMC Asia Car Distributors Corp. said all work to be performed to the units in relation to the issue will be done free of charge to the customer and that it will send out official notification letters to customers. Print advertisements regarding the issue will also be reportedly placed in national dailies.

BMW 3 Series
BMW 3 Series
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