Check Out This Real-Life Depiction of Disney Pixar’s ‘Cars’ Characters

If you’ve ever wondered what the characters of Disney Pixar’s ‘Cars’ would look like if they were real (no, their eyeless, soulless counterparts don’t count), wonder no more. A video posted on Facebook by Rodrigo Vargas - Psicologia & Trânsito shows practically every character from the popular automotive-oriented cartoon trilogy on display at—of all places—a humble parking lot. Watch the video below:

The video, captioned with what roughly translates as "When a cartoon materializes in real life there is no age, we are all children again,” shows characters from all three movies, starting with series star Lightning McQueen, to his sidekick Mater, and on to the rest of the cast including Doc Hudson, Sally, Sheriff, Guido, Luigi, Sergeant, and more.

The owner of the Facebook page shared that the collection is actually owned by Guatemalan Pepe Cohen, who started building and assembling the replicas with painstaking detail since 2013 because of his son's fascination with the original film.

According to Cohen, all the cars are 'real size and functioning.'

If you can't see the video--it's embedded in Facebook, which might not appear here, unfortunately--here's a look at just a small sample of the cars he's done via a video on YouTube.

The great thing about this collection is that it has benefited plenty of nonprofits and other charitable organizations, as Cohen regularly holds exhibitions to raise funds for these entities.

One can only wish that the collection would find its way to our local shores, where plenty of kids and kids at heart would surely enjoy the spectacle. If it ever happens, this author would be there in a heartbeat.

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