Checking out the interior of the Maxus G10 MPV

maxus g10

The Maxus G10 is the Chinese automotive brand’s entry into the local MPV segment. The nameplate made its debut in the Philippine automotive scene in 2019 and steadily earned a following.

With a few of these plying the roads, many of us are interested to find out what’s it like to ride in Maxus’ family-friendly MPV.

1. Comfortable seats

The Maxus G10 features a nine-seater configuration you don’t typically see on most of today’s MPVs. It has second- and third-row captain seats creating a spacious feel for the passengers.


In addition, the seats are wrapped in a combination of leather and fabric material which makes them even more comfortable to sit on.

2. Front and rear A/Cs

Having comfortable seats, of course, isn’t enough. The Maxus G10 also comes with front and rear air-conditioning to keep passengers cool in both short and long drives.

3. Designed for entertainment

The Maxus G10’s interior was designed and engineered to ensure its passengers are not only comfortable but are also engaged and entertained during the trip.

Audio from its seven-inch infotainment system is directed to six speakers that are placed around the cabin. Passengers will also find front and rear reading lights and a 220-volt power supply where they can charge handheld devices, smartphones, and tablets.


Maxus is currently selling the G10 in two variants: the Maxus G10 1.9 AT Elite and the PWD-friendly G10 1.9 AT Assist. They are priced at P1,790,000 and P2,189,000 respectively.

Photos from Maxus

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Explore Maxus G10

  • G10 Front angle low view
  • Full Front View of G10
  • Maxus G10 Front Medium View
  • Maxus G10 Front Cross Side View
  • G10 Headlight
  • G10 Wheel
  • G10 Front Fog Lamp
  • G10 Door handle
  • G10 Grille View
  • Maxus G10 Drivers Side Mirror Front Angle
  • G10 Front deep low Angle View
Maxus G10
₱1.79 - ₱2.19 Million Emi Starts : ₱30,708

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