Chevrolet Launches First Electric Unit for China—the Menlo EV

Chevrolet Menlo EV

While its mother company General Motors has announced its departure from Australia and Southeast AsiaChevrolet looks to expand its market share in one of the biggest car markets in the world—China. The Golden Bow Tie has just launched its first all-electric offering for the Forbidden Kingdom, the Menlo EV. Chevrolet Described as a sporty-looking crossover, the Menlo EV is based on the Chevrolet FNR-X all-purpose SUV concept unveiled in Shanghai in 2017. All of the exterior lights are LEDs (headlights, taillights, daytime running lights), and the “floating” roofline is complemented by 17-inch two-color five-spoke sport wheels. Menlo EV Interior Inside, the centerpiece for the Menlo is a 10.1-inch ultra-thin center LCD touchscreen, supplemented by the 8-inch full-color TFT LCD instrument panel. Housed in the screen is the new-generation MyLink+ infotainment system with OnStar that supports over-the-air (OTA) updates, Apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife. Menlo EV Dashboard The Menlo is also geared up for long travels with 28 storage spaces and up to 1,077 liters of cargo space. A feeling of spaciousness permeates in the cabin, thanks to a 1,147-sq-m panoramic skylight. No need to worry about too much sunlight coming in, as the laminated glass provides sound insulation and heat insulation, while effectively blocking 96 percent of UV rays. The Chevrolet Menlo EV is driven by GM’s class-leading battery technology and a new-gen pure electric drive system that generates 110 kW (149 hp) and 350 Nm of torque. The car consumes electricity at a rate of 13.1 kWh/100 km. Based on the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) conditions, the Menlo can achieve a constant speed range of up to 410 km on a single charge. An 80 percent charge can be reached within 40 minutes using a DC fast charger. The Chevrolet Menlo has three driving modes and three energy recovery modes. The economical, normal and sporty driving modes support base acceleration, standard acceleration and enhanced acceleration depending on users’ preferences. The energy recovery modes of light free recovery, medium efficient recovery and strong energy recovery likewise support personal preferences for a balance between driving performance and energy consumption. Menlo EV interior As for safety, the Chevrolet Menlo carries a suite of advanced safety tech including Bosch’s 9.3 Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Forward Collision Alert (FCA), Lane Departure Warning (LDW), Side Blind Zone Alert (SBZA), Automatic Parking Assist (APA), Following Distance Indicator (FDI) and the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). For security, the onboard OnStar application also offers functions such as virtual car key, remote control and intelligent voice recognition. Menlo EV Exterior Initially being offered in Beijing, the Chevrolet Menlo is available in four variants priced from CNY 159,900 to CNY 179,900 (approx. PHP 1.16 million to PHP 1.3 million). An electric crossover would make a fine addition to our country’s growing EV market. Here’s hoping the Golden Bow Tie stays in PH long enough to bring the Menlo here.

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