Continental Tires offers 3 new products for PH market

Continental tires

JM Far East, Inc., the authorized local distributor of Continental tires, has recently launched three new tire products for the Philippines' passenger and sport utility vehicle/pick-up truck categories.


  • What are the three new products that JM Far East brought to the Philippines recently?

    The three new products are the SportContact 7, UltraContact 7 and the CrossContact AX6.
  • What vehicle class types are the new products for?

    The new products are suitable for both passenger car and sport utility vehicle/pick-up truck market.
  • During the "Raise the Standard with Premium Technology" event, the company unveiled the SportContact 7, UltraContact 7 and the CrossContact AX6.

    Continental tires

    JM Far East Managing Director Wilson Manabat expressed firm confidence in its latest products, saying that “these are perfect for the country’s diverse market.”

    According to Manabat, the SportContact 7 is a high-mileage tire that guarantees extreme handling stability even on high-speeds, thereby providing maximum driving performance and safety.

    Continental SportContact 7

    Available for various vehicle class types, the SportContact 7 also ensures safe and stable driving behavior on both wet and dry surfaces while giving owners a longer-lasting driving pleasure with its Black Chili compound.

    Continental UltraContact 7

    Meanwhile, the UltraContact 7 promises shorter braking distance even on slippery roads, and smoother vibrational frequency while cutting down noise level.

    Lastly, the CrossContact AX6 is considerably one of the quietest and most comfortable and versatile all-terrain tires in the market.

    Manabat said that the aforementioned offering has a silica tread compound for enhanced grip, making it suitable for those who used their vehicles on- and off-road.

    Continental CrossContact AX6

    The CrossContact AX6 safeguards the vehicles from having punctured tires, thanks to its sidewall protection wrap, as well as enhanced wet and dry braking performance due to multiple sipes on the tread pattern.

    Further, it also has noise blockers on its shoulder for reduced noise that usually emanates from the center of the pattern.

    Additionally, Manabat told Carmudi Philippines that JM Far East will be bringing in more products in the coming months to further expand its lineup.

    Photos from Ruben D. Manahan IV

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