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Euro NCAP Releases Best Class List of 2019

The European New Car Assessment Programme is a Belgium based car assessment program that gauges a car’s safety rating. Last Wednesday, January 8th, 2020, Euro NCAP released its Best in Class list for 2019. Out of 55 cars that were assessed, 41 received the top award.

Small Family Car


Mercedes Benz reigned supreme in the best performing Small Family Car category with the CLA. Garnering a score of over 90 percent in three of the four categories of safety, the CLA received the best overall rating of the year. For 2019, 5 of the newly released Mercedes Benz models all received five star ratings. The Mercedes Benz CLA starts at Php 3.19 million.

Large Off-Road


Surprisingly enough, the best large off roader for 2019 isn’t a pickup truck but a Tesla. Averaging at 86.25 percent, the Tesla Model X’s safety tech features proved to be excellent. A brand new Model X would cost you about $80,000 or roughly Php 4 million.

Large Hybrid/Electric Family Car


Once again, Tesla snags another award this year. Averaging at 87.5 percent, Tesla proves that it is the best electric vehicle in the market when it comes to safety. Advertised as the “Most Affordable Tesla,” the Tesla Model 3 starts at $35,000 (around Php 1.78 million.)

Large Family Car


This year, two cars ended up with identical scores for the Large Family Car segment. The BMW 3 Series sedan and the Tesla Model 3 both got an average of 87.5 percent, but the 3 Series fared better in pedestrian protection while the Model 3 topped it in safety assist. The 3 Series starts with a hefty price tag of Php 4.6 million.

Small Off-Road/MPV


Once again, Subaru proves that they are all about safety as their Forester wins the Small Off-Road/MPV category. Averaging at 86.5 percent, the Forester beat rivals such as the Mazda CX-30 and Volkswagen’s T-Cross. The new Subaru Forester starts at around Php 1.6 million.



There are two winners for the Supermini segment with the Audi A1 and the Renault Clio. Both cars have been among the top hatches in Europe for some time now. Both cars managed an average of 83.25 percent. The Supermini category is the most competitive segment in the European market, as proven by these two cars. The Audi A1 starts at about Php 1.99 million while the Renault Clio costs roughly $17,000 (around Php 900,000) for the base  model.

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