Ferrari reveals 296 GTS spider with 830hp hybrid powertrain


Ferrari has unveiled its latest offering, the 296 GTS. According to the Maranello-based luxury sports car maker, the two-door convertible is the “epitome of driving pleasure,” thanks to its open-roof experience and powerful hybrid powertrain. 


  • How much power does the 296 GTS' V6 engine make?

    Its V6 engine makes 660hp.
  • How much pwer does the 296 GTS make with the boost from the electric motor?

    With the electric motor, the 296 GTS' power reaches about 830hp.
  • How heavy does the RHT make the GTS compared to the GTB?

    because of the RHT, the GTS is 70kgs heavier than the GTB.
  • ferrari-296-gts-1ferrari-296-gts-2

    Its power comes from the new 120-degree V6 engine accompanied by a plug-in (PHEV) electric motor that debuted on the 296 GTB. A TMA actuator allows the two power units to work together and gives the driver to an option to use both at the same time or to drive just in electric mode.

    Ferrari said that the electric motor boosts the maximum power of the Ferrari 296 GTS, all while ensuring the car’s versatility in everyday driving and enhancing driving enjoyment, thanks to instantaneous throttle response.

    On paper, the V6 engine alone is said to make more than 660 horses while the boost from the electric motors kicks the number up to around 830. The hybrid powertrain features an eight-speed F1 DCT as well as an electronic Slide Slip Control (eSSC) that features high-performance ABS and EBD with energy recovery.

    The spirited hybrid powertrain is matched by an exterior and interior design that’s as forward-looking as the spider’s power unit.

    Per Ferrari, the 296 GTS builds upon the clean and sophisticated lines of the 296 GTB. the Italian automotive marque shares that its designers had a goal of maintaining the 296 GTB’s main characteristics when developing the 296 GTS. The ordeal, said Ferrari, required a period of meticulous analysis of the dimensions of the GTB’s technical components.

    The result was a car that is both a real coupe and a true spider.


    A striking design feature of the Ferrari 296 GTS is the Retractable Hard Top (RHT). Ferrari said that it was the need to stow the RHT inside the engine compartment that inspired the Ferrari Styling Center team, led by Flavio Manzoni, to develop a new tonneau cover for the 296 GTS.

    The RHT, while allowing drivers to enjoy a more exhilarating experience, adds several kilograms to the spider. The Ferrari 296 GTS has a dry weight of 1,540kg while its coupe sibling, the 296 GTB is at 1,470kg.

    Its added weight doesn’t seem to bother the new drop-top supercar though as it’s capable of zooming from zero to 100kph in just 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 330kph.


    Ferrari is also offering a special Asseto Fiorano package which boosts the 296 GTS’ performance with significant weight reduction and aerodynamic features.

    The package adds a special GT racing-derived adjustable Muctimatic shock absorbers, high downforce carbon-fiber appendages on the front bumper, and more extensive use of lightweight components in both the exterior and the cabin of the spider.

    No pricing has been announced for both the base model of the 296 GTS and the Asseto Fiorano-equipped models have been announced, although we expect the spider to have a more premium price tag over its coupe brother.

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