Rare and rapid: the 830hp Ferrari 812 Competizione and 812 A


Only 999 examples of the Ferrari 812 Competizione will be built, while its targa-top sibling, the 812 A (for "Aperta"), will have 599 units. 

And all of these exclusive V12 Ferraris have been sold shortly after they've been launched (according to another news outfit which quoted a Ferrari official). Why are these faster versions of the 812 Superfast so desirable? 

The 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A are powered by a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter, 830hp, V12 engine, also found under the hood of the 812 Superfast. This time, the mill is tuned to have a high redline of 9,500rpm.  


The novel redline was also a result of redesigned, con-rods, pistons, crankshaft, and distribution, and high torque delivery. Meanwhile, the piston pins are coated with diamond-like carbon (DLC) that reduces the coefficient of friction to achieve a powerful performance and less fuel consumption.

Because of the higher engine output and revs, Ferrari said it has improved the cars' cooling flow management with a single air duct. As a result, the intake for the engine radiators are extended sideways, which causes an improvement in overall performance.

Both the 812 Competizione and 812 Competizione A pack a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. Although the gearbox has the same gear ratios as its base 812 Superfast, the two new cars promise a sportier performance brought by the extra 500rpm. 

Other 812 Competizione goodies include independent-four wheel steering, the update of the side slip control (SSC) system, and the development of the exclusive Michelin Cup2R tires

In terms of styling, the 812 Competizione carries its own personality thanks to the Ferrari Styling Center

The Styling Center applied to the 812 Competizione a hood wearing a  transverse grove where the carbon-fiber blade is located. The incorporation of this element, instead of the louvres that were seen on previous Ferrari sports cars, is said to look neater. 


The car’s nose showcases its imposing power with a wide front grille and prominent side brake intakes, while the carbon-fiber splitter highlights the car’s broad stance. 

At the rear, the 812 Competizione does away with a rear screen, with all-aluminum surface taking its place. The car’s aerodynamic efficiency is further enhanced by the vortex generators on the upper surface. 


Inside, the 812 Competizione retained the 812 Superfast’s signature “diapason” motif. Located in the central area of the cockpit, the iconic gear-gate theme was given a modern twist to depict link between Ferrari’s past and future, the Italian marque said. 


Meanwhile, the 812 Competizione A features the flying buttress concept on the rear, which smoothly combines with the arrow theme of the front.

The targa top on the roll bars are made of carbon fiber, which creates an integrated appearance with the roll bars in the closed configuration. In the open-top configuration, the Targa top gets tucked away in a compartment tailor-made for this part. 


Photos from Ferrari

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