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Ford is Using EksoVest to Help Reduce Worker Fatigue, Injury

Ford has partnered with Ekso Bionics to help its employees become superhuman-like. Through the EksoVest, an advanced wearable technology, Ford employees are said to experience less work fatigue and even prevent injury.

The American automaker explained that the EksoVest provides lift assistance from five pounds to 15 pounds per arm. It’s a wearable tech that elevates and supports a worker’s arms. It’s also lightweight and not bulky, which allows easy maneuverability of the arms. The EksoVest fits workers that stands at 5 feet 2 inches up to 6 feet 4 inches.

As of this writing, Ford employees in 15 plants and seven countries globally are using the EksoVest. All of Ford North American assembly plants as well as in Asia Pacific, Europe, and South America are using EksoVest.

Overall, EksoVest sounds like a cool and helpful tech–especially for workers. It doesn’t just lessen work fatigue but it also helps prevent injuries. Ford employees have positively received the said wearable tech.

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