Ford's future offerings could have automated parking


Ford Motors has revealed that it is currently working with infrastructure providers and technology companies to develop an automated parking system.

This initiative is part of the automaker’s collaboration with the German Association of the Automobile Industry. That said, Ford’s future offerings could have the ability to park themselves in a designated parking infrastructure with the use of a technology called the Automated Valet Parking.


The technology is currently in its research and demonstration phase but shows the potential of moving past the parking infrastructure and could enable drivers to send the vehicle to a car wash or charging station, or even have parcels delivered to the vehicle in the car park, said Ford.


In order for it to work, sensors will be put up in a car park which will then communicate with the sensors in the vehicle.

Upon arriving at the car park, the driver leaves the vehicle in a designated area and will use the FordPass app to start the automated guidance to a free parking space. The car park sensors recognize and localize the vehicle to guide its parking maneuver.


Ford adds that the infrastructure can sense obstruction in the vehicle’s path while in the car park and has the ability to stop it should it come across a pedestrian or another vehicle.


“The demonstration shows that driverless parking is a reality and that the broader benefits go beyond comfort, convenience, and time-saving. Whether at the airport, urban center, or sports arena, parking could soon become far more efficient, with contactless entry, payments, and exit. Having vehicles endlessly circling the car park looking for a suitable space will soon become a thing of the past,” commented Ford of Europe Automated Driving, Research and Advanced Engineer Joseph Urhahne.

Ford will demonstrate Automated Valet Parking at IAA in Munich, which will happen from September 6 to 12.

Photos from Ford

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