Fuso Canter Express Modern PUV achieves nearly 9kpl consumption

Fuso Canter modern PUV

The Fuso Canter Express Class 3 modern public utility vehicle (PUV) has posted an 8.8 kilometer-per-liter (kpl) fuel consumption rating.


  • What is Fuso Canter Express' newest kilometer-per-liter rating?

    The vehicle did 8.8 kilometers per liter.
  • What were the parameters for the Fuso fuel economy run for the Canter Express?

    The vehicle was driven 152.7 kilometers with speeds ranging from 60-80 kilometers per hour.
  • The Japanese truck and bus marque’s local distributor posted the aforementioned numbers during its fuel economy run (which simulated the actual PUV operating environment such as passenger load and road conditions) that was observed and certified by Automobile Association Philippines (AAP).

    Fuso Canter modern PUV

    The company said that during the eco-run, the vehicle covered 152.7 kilometers travelling from Shell Bacolor, Pampanga to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar in Bagac, Bataan and back with speeds ranging from 60-80 kilometers per hour.

    Sojitz Fuso Philippines (SFP) said that the exercise showed that the Canter Express Class 3 modern PUV can help customers save as much as P6.3 per kilometer compared to traditional jeepneys that can do 5.2kpl. “Based on the survey among modern PUV drivers, 6 to 7km per liter is their benchmark for fuel efficiency,” SFP said in a statement.

    SFP noted that the objective of the Fuso Fuel Eco-Run Challenge is to promote and advocate the fuel efficiency of the brand’s commercial vehicles among existing owners and prospective buyers by highlighting fuel mileage, driving comfort and the vehicle’s powerful performance.

    SFP President Yosuke Nishi

    “Moving forward, today’s activity is for us to testify to the fuel efficiency of our product. Results will be included as part of the unique selling point and advantage of Fuso vehicles. We assure you that Fuso is ready to provide the best quality and hassle-free transportation to Filipinos across the country,” SFP President and Chief Executive Officer Yosuke Nishi was quoted as saying.

    For his part, Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing Noriyuki Sekita mentioned that the goal of this activity is to “demonstrate the unique selling point” of the PUV models, which is fuel efficiency and vehicle performance. “Our initiative is to showcase the efficiency of our vehicles under normal driving conditions for the benefit of operators and drivers.”

    Fuso Canter modern PUV

    Following the result, SFP expressed confidence that its modern PUV offerings will continue to increase its market share across the country.

    Photos from Sojitz Fuso Philippines

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