Geely Auto Group reveals ‘Smart Geely 2025’ strategy


Like most automakers, Geely is also gearing toward the inevitable reformation of the automotive industry. That said, Geely Auto Group has revealed future plans outlined in the “Smart Geely 2025” strategy, a program that will see Geely’s future development electrification and sustainable mobility as central components.


  • What is the "Smart Geely 2025" strategy?

    The Smart Geely 2025 strategy is a plan that focuses on electrification and sustainable mobility.
  • What is Leishen Power?

    Leishen Power is Geely's powertrain brand.
  • Strengthening Geely Auto Group’s future initiative is the launch of the “Leishen Power” brand, a powertrain marque positioned to become a leading intelligent high-efficiency powertrain solutions provider.


    As a central element of the Smart Geely 2025 strategy, Leishen Power will be responsible for developing powertrains for Geely’s future EV offerings. Products from the powertrain brand will include the Leishen Hi-X smart hybrid powertrain platform, high-efficiency hybrid transmissions, high-efficiency dedicated hybrid engines, and a new generation E-Drive motor.

    Through these developments, Geely aims to launch 25 new “smart vehicle products” over the next five years, opening the doors to a new era of “smart mobility.”

    Geely says that these smart vehicles will be fitted with the brand’s self-developed smart cockpit autonomous driving chip which could soon meet the computing needs of high-end autonomous drive functions.

    Driven by its commitment to creating an integrated vehicle software user experience, the Chinese conglomerate aims to establish a “Smart Geely Technology Ecological Network.” Geely says that this full-stack ecosystem will encompass electronic and electrical architecture, vehicle software, cockpit software, and autonomous driving software.

    Geely’s stride towards sustainability can be seen through the Smart Geely 2025 strategy’s plan to deploy 5,000 battery swapping stations across 100 cities in China. These charging stations can swap batteries in as fast as 59 seconds using automated technologies that allow for safe operation.

    Following the template for sustainability, Geely Auto Group has launched “Geely Industrial Internet Platform.” According to Geely, the Smart Geely 2025 strategy will see their plants become carbon-neutral through their three-zero plan: zero wastewater, zero landfill waste, and zero production waste.

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