Goodyear, Plus partner for truck autonomous tech, 'smart tire' integration


Goodyear announced a strategic collaboration with Plus, a global provider of self-driving truck technology, to explore autonomous trucking solutions.

Through this collaboration, Goodyear's suite of services and products such as "connected" tires aims to improve the efficiency and safety of semi-trucks equipped with Plus’s Level 4 autonomous driving technology.  

The two companies will explore how Plus’s autonomous driving system can receive feedback from Goodyear’s connected tires.

Improving fuel economy and reducing carbon impact are among the goals of the study. The integration of the tires and the autonomous driving system could also improve a vehicle’s overall performance in severe weather and road conditions.

Plus is already deploying a technology called PlusDrive to customers, which is expected to be used in the FAW J7 L3 truck in H3 2021.

“Tires are the only thing on a vehicle that touches the ground and it’s this critical position that can help us enable future mobility solutions like autonomous transportation," Goodyear SVP of Global Operations and Chief Technology Officer Chris Helsel said. 

“With our leadership in products and innovation, Goodyear is supporting efficient fleet operations and is pleased to drive more possibilities for the logistics industry with Plus," Helsel added. 

Photo from Goodyear

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