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Grab Urges TNVS Drivers: ‘Show Utmost Restraint’

After the upcoming transport holiday on Monday next week was announced yesterday, Wednesday, July 3, Grab Philippines is urging drivers of transport network vehicle services (TNVS) to exercise “utmost restraint.”

Grab Philippines Public Affairs Manager Nicka Hosaka said that TNVS should show utmost restraint before any actions are to be undertaken “that could negatively impact the ability of passengers to book rides.”

Several TNVS groups are calling for a TNVS Drivers Transport Holiday on Monday as a protest against the LTFRB’s procedural processes and the recently-reported apprehensions of some TNVS drivers.

“We recognize the TNVS partners’ right to free speech and peaceable assembly. In many ways, we also support the call for smoother processes and faster timelines,” Hosaka said.

Further, she encouraged TNVS drivers to work with them along “with passengers, and with our regulators to address TNVS pain points through dialogue.”

“Let us take the high road and to not resort to any rash actions that would directly affect the passengers we are all committed to serve,” she concluded.

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