Hamilton wins 2021 FIA Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix


The 2021 Formula 1 Spanish Grand Prix ended in favor of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes-Benz as participants raced neck and neck in a tactical battle in Barcelona.

Hamilton and Verstappen, the event’s first and second fastest, raced closely to push each driver to the limits.

Hamilton started from pole position, but immediately lost the advantage as Verstappen, Red Bull/Honda driver, moved ahead to seize the lead.

The Mercedes driver worked on a two-stop strategy to recover the lead he lost to Verstappen as the Red Bull driver tried to keep his tires alive with a one-stop plan.

It was at the end of lap 24 when Verstappen made a pit stop and was slowed down due to a problem with the rear left wheel. The Red Bull/Honda driver made it back to the race to face Hamilton, now leading, who also made a pit stop after five laps.

At the end of Lap 42, Hamilton once again drove to the pit stop to change his tires. He later emerged in third place and made his way behind Verstappen who stayed out on track to keep track position and hoped his rapidly aging medium tires would hold enough pace to keep Hamilton at bay.

Hamilton was able to grow the gap between him and Verstappen, and with only 15 laps to go, the win was now beyond reach of Red Bull and the Dutchman.

Hamilton ended the race to take his 98th win and his third of the season.

Hamilton finished first with fellow Mercedes-Benz driver Valtteri Bottas coming in at third while Verstappen finished second with fellow Red Bull/Honda driver Sergio Pérez finishing fifth.

Photo from Formula 1

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