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Here’s Why Those Beastly, Undercover Armored Cars are Cool

They look anything but unusual–at least not when you’re squinting hard for clues inside. On a bright, sunny day, they might look like a typical Toyota Hilux, Chevrolet Colorado, or Toyota Land Cruiser your friends like to show off after they get waxed and blasted with wooded pine scent. But don’t be fooled–they are really designed to blend in with other cars.

Many are customized to look so normal they’re downright inconspicuous–so much so that they’re almost the automotive version of “Where’s Waldo?”. Often called “undercover armored trucks,” these understated beasts are very important in protecting the lives of public officials, “VIP people,” law-enforcement officers, and the military everyday.

Cool Features of Armored Cars

Undercover armored cars integrate different functions like practicality, security, protection, and safety seamlessly well. More importantly, they offer advanced technology that are not available in most standard cars, which set them apart from the rest.

And since many gadgets are hidden from plain sight, you feel like you’re James Bond stuck in traffic (for hours). There’s a bit of “spy-espionage” thing going, with a sense of confidence and security that comes from knowing you’re well-protected on the road.

Just how protected are you? Here are some of their neat features:


Armored cars are bulletproof. Designed to handle bullets from most handguns and rifles (and even bombs), it can help stop attempts at robbery and hijacking. Many materials are made from ballistic steel, reinforced with ceramic and polyester laminates among many others.

All armored windows are made from an almost bullet-resistant glass, alternating between hard and soft layers of glass made of acrylic, polycarbonate, polyurethane (or other resins), and fiberglass.

It’s thicker than regular glass, and its thickness will depend on its protection level. For instance, a 21-mm thick glass can stop a handgun (B4 rating), while a 40-mm glass can stop a high-powered rifle (B6 rating). The thickest one, which has a B7 rating, is the one used by the U.S. President.

Electric Shock*

Some armored cars come with an electric shock system installed into the door handles. When touched, the vehicle releases a stream of electricity to the hand, which can help deter attackers from opening the door.

Run-Flat Rollers


Also called safety rollers, these tires have an extra lining within that seals itself when it gets punctured by a nail or screw.

There is also an additional ring attached to the wheel that helps the car to continue moving even when the tire runs out of air. Distances may vary, but generally, it can be under 56 mph (90 kph)– and for limited distances–around 10 miles (16 km) to 50 miles (80 km), depending on the tire’s type.

Deadbolt Locking System and Electronic Locks*

Armored cars can be fitted with deadbolts and electronic locks to make it harder for someone to come in. They are anti-pick, anti drill, and extremely difficult to manipulate with standard lock-pick tools.

Air Filtration System*

Designed to filter out nuclear, biological, chemical substances, and other poisonous substances in the air, this filtration system also maintains positive pressure inside the passenger cabin. It filters out airborne contaminants, such as those that are designed to paralyze or limit your senses.

It’s also designed to be used even if the air-conditioning system is not working.

Bomb Protection Blanket*


Almost similar to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, the bomb protection blanket can act as a “ballistic shield” against flying shrapnel and other dangerous materials. It’s very portable, and can be wrapped around the body or placed over windows or doors as a shield against explosions.

Hidden Gun Ports*

Armored cars can be equipped with gun-ports, depending on how much protection and security is needed. Gun ports are commonly hidden in doors or compartments, and spring loaded for automatic closure.

Other “Bond” Gadgets*

There are some armored cars that offer far more advanced features that can rival Bond’s gadgets. They include smoke grenade launchers, fire suppression systems, concealed ramming buffers, and radio jammers. Some are even equipped with a type of radar that can accurately pinpoint where gunfire is coming from so drivers can avoid going in that direction.


* These are optional features.

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