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Here’s Why Your Car Won’t Last Without Flouropolymers

You probably know what Teflon is. If you do, then you have an unsuspecting flouropolymer in your kitchen stacked up unsuspectingly inside your cupboards.

Flouropolymer is a flourocarbon-based polymer with carbon-flourine bonds. It often come in tubes, and is characterized by its high-tensile strength, high resistance to solvents, acids, and bases. And it isn’t just limited to cooking. In fact, it’s a growing market–particularly in the automotive market for two specific reasons: (1) It can protect automotive parts from extremely high temperatures and corrosive or dangerous chemicals; (2) it helps lessen harmful emissions into the air.

Think of it this way: the gas you put inside your vehicle contains biofuels and other additives that can be very damaging to your car’s fuel parts for the long term. What flouropolymers do is to act as a protective shield to these parts so they continue to work efficiently.

Uses of Fluoropolymers

Fluoropolymers come in many forms, depending on what they’re used for. According to AGC they include the following:

Adhesive ETFE

These resins help join together dissimilar materials while reducing weight. They are often used in automotive parts that require excellent conductivity levels, chemical and saturation resistance, and protection against static buildup, such as fuel tanks, fuel lines, and compressor hoses.

High-Temperature ETFE

They are often used for automotive cable and wire insulation and heating cables.

Low-Melting Adhesive ETFE

This type of fluoropolymer is often used in hot water hoses and insulation film for electronic surfaces and layered tubes that transport caustic substances.

Filled PTFE Compounds

They are often used in fuel tanks, connectors, oxygen sensors and seals for fuel systems, they are ideal to use for components that need to be under constant heat and pressure.

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