Honda Europe rolls out pet-friendly seats


Honda has released a brand-new range of passenger seats for our four-legged furry friends. 


  • When was the Pet Co-Pilot Front Seat released?

    It was released last April 1.
  • What was the first variant of the Pet Co-Pilot Front Seat?

    The first variant is made for dogs, although models made for cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and fish will be released later on.
  • According to the European arm of the Japanese carmaker, the Pet Co-Pilot Front Seat was created as a response to the growing number of pet owners who travel with their pets in recent years.

    “This new option is in response to increased customer demand around travel options for their pets. More than ever, pet owners are looking to take their pets with them when they travel, and we’ve created an option that not only lets them do that but encourages it. From driving across the UK and Europe for holidays to short trips to the shops or a day out, the Pet Co-Pilot Front Seat allows owners to be closer to their beloved pet when driving. It also frees up boot space,” said Honda Head of Pet Products Annie Mal.

    The first variant of the Pet Co-Pilot Front Seat is made specifically for dogs but will later be joined by variants for cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and fish. A multi-story seat for gerbils will follow in spring (from March to June) 2023.


    The “Dog Co-Pilot Front Seat” features a XXL seat base with scratch-resistant and water-proof material, XXL seat bolsters to keep the dog safe in the seat, recessed spill-proof bowl holders, A/C vents built into the seat to keep the dog cool, Honda-branded harness, and Isofix points for dog harness attachment.

    Personalization options are also available for the Dog Co-Pilot Front Seat to suit the dog’s and human’s needs and requirements such as bowl holder inserts (so a human can use the seat), a glovebox treat dispenser with a snout-activated button, a 50/50 split meal/treat bowl, and a built-in squeaker or toy (replaceable) sewn into the seat.

    Honda Europe adds that the Pet Co-Pilot Front Seat can be had as a factory-fitted option or a retrospective purchase for cars built between April 2017 and March 2022 and will be available through Honda’s dealer network.

    A Large or Exotic Pet Co-Pilot Front Seat variant will be made available in 2024 alongside the Horse Co-Pilot Front Seat. 

    The Honda Pet Co-Pilot Front Seat was launched on April 1 and yes, it's an April Fools joke. 


    Photos from Honda

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