In the know: How to fix common key fob problems


Key fobs have become an essential part of our vehicles. They allow us to remotely lock and unlock our car doors and even remotely start the engine when in close proximity. That said, most of us have been accustomed to the convenience of using car key remote fobs.


  • What is a car key fob?

    Key fobs are remote keys that can be used to lock or unlock your car doors as well as start the engine remotely in some cases.
  • What are the common key fob problems?

    The common key fob problems include dead batteries, stuck buttons, and unpaired keys, among others.
  • But what do you do when you encounter problems with your key fob? In this article, we look at some hacks that will help you fix common key fob problems.


    1. Dead battery

    Your key fob uses batteries, typically CR2025 and CR2032 cells. Certain manufacturers claim that these batteries last for about three to four years when used in a key fob. If you’ve had your car for longer, chances are the battery needs to be replaced.

    The solution to this problem is pretty straightforward.

    2. Stuck buttons

    In some cases, the buttons on your key fobs may feel a bit stuck. The buttons may not feel as clicky as before, and in turn, may appear to be less responsive.

    Despite being made to handle their fair share of wear and tear, key fobs are not indestructible and at some point will also break down.

    In this case, inspect the loose buttons and see if dust or pocket lint can be removed to free the stuck button. Be careful not to scrape rubber or plastic as it can damage the actual fob.

    3. Fob needs to be reprogrammed

    For your car key fob to work properly, it needs to be programmed with your vehicle. Pretty much like how wireless headphones and smartphones work, the remote fob and the vehicle need to be paired.

    Follow the instructions in your vehicle’s user’s manual for the programming steps.

    4. Broken fob

    In some cases, key fobs do break down. Internal damage such as loose wiring, damaged internal components, and even water damage can render the fob useless.

    In this event, use the physical key in the remote key fob to unlock your car. Unless you’re MacGyver, we suggest consulting a professional to help you repair the key fob or have them get you a new one.

    Photos from Hyundai and JD Power

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